Funimation Adds Live-Action Korean Athena: Goddess of War Film

posted on 2011-11-23 23:41 EST by Joseph First

The North American distributor Funimation acquired the rights to distribute the movie spinoff of the South Korean espionage television series Athena: Goddess of War. Distribution rights were also sold to China's New View TV & Media and Germany's Tiberius Films.

One of the most expensive live-action Korean series ever produced, Athena: Goddess of War is in fact a spin off of another popular drama, Iris, and builds off the events it set in motion. With nuclear energy proliferation and the possibility of a unified Korean peninsula on the table, the shadow organizations of several parties come to play. The nefarious Son Hyeok and shadowy organization behind him, Athena, does battle with the counter -terrorism agency, the National Anti-Terror Service.

Information about a American release date has yet to be announced.


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