JManga Adds Rin Kouduki's Sereila of Silver Manga

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Also: Yuko Takada's A Dream Woven with a Sheik, more Harlequin titles

JManga, a platform for reading legal manga online, revealed in its newsletter on Thursday that it will add at least 14 new volumes of manga next week, including Rin Kouduki's Sereila of Silver (Gin no Sereira) and The Knight Princess of Orlelian (Orurerian no Kishi-Hime).

The two-volume Sereila of Silver manga (pictured at right) takes place in a kingdom protected by the blessing of the silver maiden. One day the maiden suddenly wakes up in the bed of the king and the king holds her down and says he will steal away her purity and keep her as a prisoner. Ohzora Shuppan published the second volume in March.

The one-volume The Knight Princess of Orlelian manga (pictured far right) centers on Aira, a woman who has become the knight to the first prince of Orlelian. When Aira goes to the castle on her first day as knight to carry out her duties, the prince surprises her with a sudden kiss. Ohzora Shuppan released the volume in 2010.

Ohzora Shuppan released Yuko Takada's one-volume A Dream Woven With a Sheik in 2009.

JManga's releases for next Tuesday included the following manga:

  • Fumiwo Kagami's When I'm With You (2)
  • Rin Kouduki's Sereila of Silver
  • Rin Kouduki's The Knight Princess of Orlelian
  • Yuko Takada's A Dream Woven With a Sheik

JManga's releases for next Thursday will include:

  • Sakura Kinoshita and Kazuko Higashiyama's tactics (9)
  • Noriko Ogiwara and Haruhiko Momokawa's The Good Witch of the West (7)
  • Susan Fox and Marito Ai's A Husband to Belong To
  • Michelle Reid and Noriko Hara's A Question of Pride
  • Cathy Williams and Junko Okada's Accidental Mistress
  • Shirley Rogers and Yoshiko Hanatsu's Cowboys, Babies and Shotgun Vows
  • Emma Darcy and Maki Ohsawa's Dark Heritage
  • Chizuko Beppu and Miranda Lee's Marriage at a Price
  • Renee Roszel and Takako Hasimoto's Married by Mistake!
  • Judith McWilliams and Mao Karino's Practice Husband

JManga announced on Thursday that it is offering a new pay-as-you-go point plan. Members can now obtain points and spend them as needed, instead of signing up for monthly points.

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