Digital Manga, Inc. Adds Brave10 & New Titles, Offers Manga Downloads

posted on 2012-10-13 13:44 EDT
Also: More from Shoko Hidaka & Venio Tachibana, last Hey! Class President & Itazura Na Kiss books

North American publisher Digital Manga, Inc. (DMI) announced at its Yaoi-Con panel on Saturday that it licensed several new volumes under its various imprints, including boys-love and yaoi titles.

Depression of the Anti-Romanticist Vol. 2
Story: Yasuna Saginuma 
Art: Riyu Yamakami 
Juné imprint

As Many as There Are Stars (Hoshi no Kazu Hodo)
By Miecohouse Matsumoto

Does the Flower Bloom? (Hana wa Saku ka) Vols. 1-3
By Shoko Hidaka

A New Season of Young Leaves (Wakaba no Shōnenki)
By Venio Tachibana, Akeno Kitahata

Hey! Class President Vol. 5 (Final)
By Kaori Monchi
801 Media

Kinoko Inu (The Mushroom Pup)
By Kimama Aoboshi

Brave 10 Vol. 1
By Kairi Shimotsuki
Digital Manga Guild

ZE Vols. 8-11
By Yuki Shimizu
801 Media

Itazura na Kiss Vol. 12 (Final)
By Kaoru Tada
Digital Manga Publishing

DMI also announced that it is revamping its online manga reading site in November. The updated site will offer manga for downloading, in addition to manga for online reading. The downloads will be available in different formats for the major platforms, including Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iPad, and Android. (At least one of the formats will be watermarked but not encrypted.)

The site is switching from a point payment system to payments in standard dollar amounts via credit card and PayPal. The updated site will have 500 titles, and there are plans for 2,000 titles later.

Update: Since Brave10 in under the Digital Manga Guild program, DMI currently only has plans to release it digitally, and not in print. The website's exact launch date in November is subject to change, and DMI emphasized that all of manga download files will not be encrypted.

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