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DMI Puts All Print Releases on Hiatus in January-June 2013

posted on by Crystalyn Hodgkins
Distribution of print to resume in June; previously scheduled books delayed half-year

Digital Manga Inc. President Hikaru Sasahara announced on Wednesday that the print releases for the publisher's DMP, June Manga, DokiDoki, and 801 Media imprints will be put on temporary hiatus effective January 1, 2013. The company will resume distribution of print releases starting in June 2013.

The titles that are still listed as previously scheduled include Vampire Hunter D volume 7 and Osamu Tezuka's Unico, Atomcat, and Triton.

Sasahara emphasized that none of the company's licenses have been cancelled, just postponed. He explained that the postponement will allow the company to "coordinate [its] production schedule for 2013 and temporarily shift our focus to [its] digital publications."

Titles Previous Schedule Revised Schedule
Ai no Kusabi V8 2012 December 2013 July
The Tyrant Falls in Love V8 2012 December 2013 July
Alice the 101st V3 2012 December 2013 July
Ze V7 2012 December 2013 July
Moon & Blood V4 2012 December 2013 July
President Momoi Kun 2013 January 2013 August
Wild Honey 2013 January 2013 August
Takasugi-san's Obento V1 2013 January 2013 August
Priceless Honey 2013 February 2013 August
Juicy Cider 2013 February 2013 August
Mr. Mini Mart 2013 February 2013 September
Hey! Class President V4 2013 February 2013 September
Lies Are A Gentleman's Manners 2013 February 2013 September
Deflower the Boss 2013 March 2013 September
A Century of Temptation 2013 March 2013 September
The Incredible Kintaro 2013 March 2013 October
Otodama V2 2013 March 2013 October
Unico 2013 March 2013 March
Vampire Hunter D V7 2013 April 2013 April
Alice the 101st V4 2013 April 2013 October
Ze V8 2013 April 2013 October
Takasugi-san's Obento V2 2013 April 2013 November
Atomcat 2013 April 2013 April
Itazura na Kiss V10 2013 May 2013 November
Blue Sheep Reverie V6 2013 May 2013 November
Kinoko Inu V1 2013 May 2013 November
Hey! Class President V5 2013 June 2013 November
Lovephobia V3 2013 June 2013 December
A New Season of Young Leaves 2013 June 2013 December
Triton V1 2013 July 2013 July
Does The Flower Blossom? V1 2013 July 2013 December
As Many As There Are Stars 2013 July 2013 December
Ze V9 2013 August 2013 December
Itazura na Kiss V11 2013 September 2014 January
Triton V2 2013 September 2013 September
Kinoko Inu V2 2013 September 2014 January
Does The Flower Blossom? V2 2013 November 2014 January
Ze V10 2013 December 2014 January

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