Transformers Go! DVD Anime's 2 Opening Sequences Posted

posted on 2013-09-20 01:30 EDT
1st full episodes of both "Shinobi" & "Samurai" versions of DVD series streamed

Takara Tomy began streaming the two opening sequences of its ongoing anime DVD series Sanjōgattai Transformers Go! on Thursday.

The story follows a boy who is tasked with protecting "legend discs" with the help of the Transformers in the Warring States period and in the modern day. The Swordbot Samurai Team is made up of Kenzan, the police car Transformer who practices the "Emergency Two-Sword Style" of swordsmanship, Jinbu, the jet Transformer who will never lose a battle of speed, and a practitioner of the "Super Aerial Sword Style," and Ganoh, the fire truck Transformers with unparalleled power and the "Fire-Fighting Charging Style." While each can transform into a robot on their own, they can combine in multiple ways to form three unique giant robots — Go-Kenzan, Go-Jinbu and Go-Ganoh, depending on who is the head. In addition there is the Swordbot Shinobi Team: the Gekisōmaru Lion Ninja of Land, Hishōmaru Hawk Ninja of Wind, and Sensuimaru Shark Ninja of Water.

Takara Tomy launched the Transformers Go! toy line in April. The anime is being bundled on DVDs with Shogakukan's Terebi-kun (TV-kun) magazine (for the Samurai arc) and Kodansha's TV Magazine (for the Shinobi arc). The DVDs started shipping in July.

Takara Tomy is already streaming the full first two episodes for the "Samurai" version and the first episode of the "Shinobi" version of the anime.

Samurai 1 and 2

Shinobi 1

The second episode of the Samurai version shipped in September's Telebi-kun on August 1, and the third episode shipped in the October issue of the magazine on August 31. The second epsiode of the Shinobi version will ship in November's TV Magazine on October 1.

[Via Transformers World 2005]

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