Type-Moon Ace Magazine Hints at Fate/Stay Night Announcement

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9th issue of Type-Moon-centric magazine to be released in late January

The December issue of Kadokawa's Comptiq magazine is announcing on Saturday that volume nine of the Type-Moon Ace magazine will ship in late January. The ad for the issue features an image of Fate/stay night's Saber, and underneath the title, the text reads, “What has come before and what has yet to come."

The text below this reads:

“On that day, a few miracles were waiting on the voyage that Fate/stay night departed on January 30, 2004. It's been a decade since Fate/stay night left port. On January 30, 2014, the ocean on which the “Ark of Fate” rides on will move into an unknown world...”

The announcement at the bottom of the page reads, “There will be fresh news! For more details, wait for updates!”

Animation studio ufotable's founder Hikaru Kondo announced in July that ufotable will produce a new Fate/stay night project. Kondo did not specify the format that the new project will take, nor did he specify if the project will be a remake.

Studio DEEN previously animated the Fate/stay night television anime series (pictured at right) in 2006. The studio also produced the Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works film in 2010, which covered The Unlimited Blade Works storyline from Type-Moon's game franchise.

Sentai Filmworks released both the television anime series and the film in North America. Funimation had released the television series before that in 2009. Tokyopop published 11 volumes of Datto Nishiwaki's manga version in North America before its North American branch shut down in May 2011.

The studio ufotable previously animated the Fate/Zero prequel television anime series that was based on Gen Urobuchi and Type-Moon's novel. Aniplex of America released that series in North America on Blu-ray Disc, and the company then reissued the series on DVD and Blu-ray Disc with an English dub.

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