Anime: A History by Jonathan Clements Published Friday

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Book covers anime history from its 'early faltering steps' to the medium today.

Anime: A History, a new book by the British author Jonathan Clements, is due to be published on Friday December 6. (The cover illustration shown is the final version; the same image was used to promote Scotland Loves Anime in 2013.) According to the Amazon description:

This comprehensive history of Japanese animation draws on Japanese primary sources and testimony from industry professionals to explore the production and reception of anime, from its early faltering steps, to the international successes of Spirited Away and Pokemon.

The list of chapters is as follows:

Introduction: What Do We Talk About When We Talk About Anime?

1. Kid Deko's New Picture Book: Early Cartoons in Japan 1912-21

2. The Film Factories: Animation Technique and Technology 1921-37

3. The Shadow Staff: Japanese Animation at War 1931-48

4. The Seeds of Anime: Japanese Animation Industries 1946-62

5. Dreams of Export: Toei Doga and MOM Production 1953-67

6. Warrior Business: Tezuka's Anime Revolution in Context 1961-67

7. The Brown Screen: Trended Change in Japanese Animation 1966-83

8. The Third Medium: The Transformation of Ownership and Access 1977-96

9. The Pokemon Shock: Anime Goes Global 1984-97, 1997-2006

10. The Digital Engine: New Technologies in Animation 1983-2012

Epilogue: The End of Anime's First Century

Clements is the co-author of The Anime Encyclopedia (with Helen McCarthy) and The Dorama Encyclopedia (with Motoko Tamamuro). His other books include Schoolgirl Milky Crisis: Adventures in the Anime and Manga Trade.

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