East Asia Television Channel Announces Plans

posted on 2013-12-08 19:02 EST
"Anime will be included throughout the day but will not fill the schedules 24/7 leading into 2015."

The upcoming East Asian Television Channel in Britain (website here) has announced some of its plans in a press release.

From launch night at 7pm we will show the best in Japanese Animation as this is the most known content here in the UK, but as the anime series finish new structured programming will begin.

Early Mornings is set for child based programming (Inc. kids anime old and new)

Late Morning will contain drama, features, technology and review shows along with day edits of programming.

Afternoons will contain a variety of programming, such as imported chat shows and further Late Morning content.

Evening will feature our most prestigious series (exclusives/live concerts/simulcasts) as well as evening edit programming.

Night & Late Night will be the place to catch up on full unedited versions of programmes shown in the day as well as some series that is aimed at a more mature audience (but are just as good).


Anime will be included throughout the day but will not fill the schedules 24/7 leading into 2015.

The above schedule is correct as of December 2013 but is still subject to change.

The channel has also announced its Broadcast timeline, with the initial launch of Sky scheduled for Summer 2014.

March to May 2014: Convention Tour, including MCM (To Be Confirmed). There will be promotional trailers of series to be shown, Q&A sessions with the channel board and promotional merchandising.

Late Spring: Launch Announcement, including complete schedule, launch date and EPG number.

Summer 2014: Initial Launch on Sky. The press release also includes a reference to "Onecon 2014 (Date To Be Confirmed)."

Q4 2014: Virgin and Freeview HD Testing based on Viewer Demand

There will also be monthly or bi-monthly press releases in the coming months.

Correction - Typo, 'Oncecon' corrected to 'Onecon,' thanks to Grace Bellerby for pointing it out.

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