Amimaru Adds Esuka Of Crimson Manga

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Fumika Okano's one-volume series now available in English

The European digital manga distributor Amimaru announced on Wednesday that it has added Fumika Okano's Esuka Of Crimson (Shinku no Esuka) manga in English via its Facebook app. The manga has not previously been published in English.

Amimaru describes the story:

Touko belongs to a group of students with psychic powers, called Group E. One year ago one of them died, and together they try to cope with the help of their teacher. However, more deaths start happening. The group starts to learn about the conspiracy behind the incident, and how it's related to the missile attack that scarred their home town of Shinomiya 10 years past.

The manga is one volume long and costs US$3.60 or 900 Amimaru points.

Amimaru launched its app in May of 2012 and is currently also publishing:

  • Welcome to the Dreamland Cafe! by Nao Fujiya
  • The Magical Cat Ghee by Daitaro Nishihara
  • Because I'm a Maid (But I'm a Maid!) by Sayuri Sakai
  • Card Master by Gin Tokiwa and Hana Yokou
  • Falcom Magazine
  • Forbidden DNA by Mako Norita and uroco
  • Gentle Kisses on Your Body Anthology by Various
  • Give My Regards to Black Jack (Say Hello to Black Jack) by Shuho Sato
  • In Search of Lost Coffee by Nao Yazawa and Saeko
  • Mutant Sabu by Shotaro Ishinomori
  • Pandra Restaurant by Riri Sagara
  • Rainbow Waltz by Yuriko Asami and Sousuke Takeya
  • Seiwa High School Bento Club! by Mako Umita and Yuhmi Yamada
  • The Tale of Löwe by Daisuke Tazawa and Tarahi Rakuji
  • Yami Kyun! by Yoshino Koyoka
  • The Undercover Boy by Kasai Fujii and uroco
  • Welcome to Nyan Caf by Kira Nakamura

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