Hatsune Miku -Project Diva F 2nd- Video Previews All 40 Songs & New Outfits

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New module set for PS3/Vita game shipping on Thursday in Japan, this fall in the West

Sega began streaming a new 12-minute song digest video for its Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- F 2nd rhythm game on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 on Wednesday.

The game will feature a total of 40 songs sung by various Vocaloids, and this video previews the following songs:

  • "Clover Club" by Yūyu (Mikuzukin module by Tda)
  • "Suki Kirai" by HoneyWorks (Yume Miru Panda/Koisuru Shirokuma modules by Yamako)
  • “SpiCa -39's Giving Day Edition-” by Toku (Orbit module designed by refeia)
  • "Miracle Paint" by OSTER project (Magician module by Kenji Hirabaru)
  • “Envy Catwalk” by To-ma (Chat Noir module by To-ma)
  • “Double Lariat” by Agoaniki
  • “Kowase Kowase” by E.L.V.N. (Blazing module by Bōshi Issun)
  • "Hello, Worker" by KEI (Recruiter module by bob)
  • “Glory 3usi9" by Nanou (Nanairo Line module by TNSK)
  • “Tsugai Kogarashi” by [email protected] (Kureha, Shigure modules by [email protected])
  • “Akatsuki Arrival” by Last Note. (Avant Garde, Sucessor modules designed by Sorama)
  • “Melt” by ryo (Hatsune Miku Append, Hatsune Miku V3 modules by Masaki Asai, iXima)
  • “Musunde Hiraite Rasetsu to Mukuro” by Hachi (Rasetsu to Mukuro module by Hachi)
  • “Sennen no Dokusōka” by yanagi (Sumire module by Yū)
  • “Cantarella ~grace edition~” by Kurousa-P (WhiteFlame) (Rosa Blue, Rosa Bianca modules by Maru Itto)
  • “Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru [Shite Yan Yo]” by ika_mo
  • “Kokoro” by Travolta
  • "Ni Jigen Dream Fever" by PolyphonicBranch (Dimension module by BUZZ)
  • “Romeo to Cinderella” by doriko (Vintage Dress module by Sakarau/Alice)
  • “Narisumashi Gengar” by KulfiQ (Faker, Liar modules by Gorō)
  • “Ura Omote Lovers” by wowaka (Conflict module by redjuice)
  • "Karakuri Pierrot" by 40mP (Regret/Marionette AS modules by Yamako)
  • "Nisoku Hokō" by Deco*27 (Press You module by Shirakomugi)
  • "Decorator" by livetune
  • "Luka Luka Night Fever" by samfree (Cyber Nation module by Makura)
  • “ColorfulxMelody” by Team MOER (Colorful Drop, Cheerful Candy modules by nezuki)
  • "World is Mine" by ryo (Supreme module by redjuice)
  • “Kochira, Koufuku Anshin Iinkai Desu.” by Utata-P (Siren module by Wogura)
  • "Blackjack" by Yucha-P (Temptation module by hatsuko)
  • “Meteor” by Jon (Meteor Light module by SOE)
  • “Packaged” by kz
  • “Paradichlorobenzene” by Owata-P (Strange Dark module by Agata)
  • "erase or zero" by Crystal-P (Eraser/Originator modules by Ichimura)
  • “soundless voice” by Hitoshizuku x Yama (Ciel, Soleil modules by Airy Komatsu)
  • "Yubikiri" by Scop (Hana Kotoba/Kyasha module by 72)
  • "Sakura no Ame" by halyosy (School module Etō Ichika)
  • "Knife" by Reruriri
  • "Roshin Yūkai" by iroha (sasaki)/kuma(alfred)
  • "Hatsune Miku no Gekishō" by [email protected]ōsō-P
  • "Kagerou Daze" by Jin (Shizen no Teki-P)

Sega's blog also presented a supplemental module set that will be available as download content for 571 yen (about US$6):

Akita Neru Original
Design: Sumisu Hioka

Yowane Haku Original
Design: Caffein

Kasane Teto Original
Design: Sen

The PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 game will arrive on March 27 in Japan. The PS Vita card and package versions will each retail for 7,000 yen (about US$70), while the download version will cost 6,286 yen (US$63). Players who pre-order the PS Vita version will receive an "Anywhere Laundry Bag":

PS3 pre-orders will come with an "Anytime Tote Bag":

Sega will also release the game in retail package form in North America and Europe this fall. The first Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F shipped for PlayStation 3 in North America last August, and the PlayStation Vita version, Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA f, will be released in the West in March.

Images © Sega
© Crypton Future Media, Inc.

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