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Yami no Moribito Novel Gets Manga Adaptation

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge
Four other series to start in Nemuki Plus

This year's July issue of Asahi Shinbunsha's Nemuki Plus, which ships June 13, will debut four new manga series and an article preceding a manga based on Nahoko Uehashi's Moribito novel series.

The new series, Yami no Moribito, will be drawn by Yuu and will adapt the second novel in Uehashi's series, telling the story of Balsa's return to her homeland of Kanbal. The manga itself will debut in the September issue, which ships on August 13.

Kamui Fujiwara drew the manga adaptation of Uehashi's first novel in the series, Seirei no Moribito, in Shonen Gangan starting in 2007. Viz Media recently picked up the license for the anime adaptation, which was previously held by Media Blasters.

Other series include:

Haunted Campus by Chizu Hashii is based on a novel series by Ryu Kushiki. The story follows Mototsu Yagami, a college student who can see ghosts but doesn't want to. In college, he meets Koyomi Nada, who was his junior in high school. Out of unrequited love for her, he follows her into the "occult research society," which is full of eccentrics who fill their campus life with the occult.

Satsujin Shoshinsha -Minkan Kagaku Sōsain Kirino Mai- (Beginner Murderer -Private Scientific Crime Investigator Mai Kirino-) by Kawarayane is based on the novel by drama screenplay writer Takehiko Hata. In the story, Mai Kirino takes out a loan and buys a big apartment to cheer herself up after a bad break-up, but the next day the company she works for downsizes. She starts at the bottom at a private crime laboratory, where she gets involved in a serial murder case.

Shiyukoku no Jin, written by Ebishi Maki, tells the story of Yukimura Sanada, a real-life samurai from the warring states period, and his defense of Osaka Castle from Tokugawa Ieyasu and his 150 thousand troops. The siege is the event that earned Yukimura the title of "hero." (Historical Japanese names are listed family name first here, while modern names are listed family name last.)

Bokuboku Sensei by Mioko Onishi is based on a novel series by Hideyuki Niki. The story takes place in Tang Dynasty China and follows Ōben, who is born into a prosperous family and so can spend his days idly. One day, while on a mission for his father to bring an offering to a Xian (Daoist immortal), Ōben meets a beautiful girl named Bokuboku who is all alone. It turns out she is the immortal he's looking for and the two begin an adventure.

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