Persona Q 3DS Game's Weak Point, Group Attack Promos Streamed

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Persona 3, 4 heroes/heroines gather for June 5 Nintendo 3DS RPG

Japanese video game publisher Atlus began streaming an introduction video to for its upcoming Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth Nintendo 3DS game on Friday:

    Makoto: Jack Frost.
    Yosuke: Whoa!
    Makoto: Jack Frost.
    Naoto: Go! Sukuna-Hikona!
    Mitsuru: Penthesilea!
    Shinjiro: Castor!
    Yū: Go! Izanagi!
    Yū: We won.

    Yukari: Here we go, Io!
    Yukari: I've got you in my sights! One hit bulls-eye!
    Teddy: It's time for Teddy's stage time! Teddy's a bullet of passion!
    Naoto: Our morale is high! It's time for a group attack!
    Yū: Take this! Izanagi!
    Yū: Everyone's energy is at the max! It's time for a group attack!
    Yū: Just as expected.

By using skills that hit the weak points of the enemies, characters will gain a boost. When the character is in boost mode, it will be easier for characters to use focused attacks and group attacks.

The game will ship in Japan on June 5. People who pre-order the game will receive the Persona Q: Sound of the Labyrinth original soundtrack. The CD will feature the new music from the game, in special re-arrangements by the Atlus sound team that can only be heard on this CD.

There will also be a Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth Famitsu DX Pack with the game itself, a B2-size tapestry illustrated by the Persona Q anime staff, an A3-size clear poster illustrated by Atlus, a set of five different visual clear file folders, an original mug cup, and a Graphig paper figure of Rei.

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