Tamako Love Story Film's Novel Adaptation's TV Spot Streamed

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Stories about Tamako, Midori's feelings, Choi's budding love will be published in June

Kyoto Animation began streaming the TV spot for the novel inspired by its Tamako Love Story film on Saturday.

The text in the spot reads:

    Tamako: The me of today really is the real me, right?
    Midori: The only one who is unable to change... Is me.
    Choi: I am... The prince's ally.
    Text: The story of three girls who stand at the entrance to the universe.

The novel will tell two original stories focusing on the feelings of Tamako and Midori, as well as Choi's heart that is in love as she searches for a bride for the prince on the southern island. Certain elements written in the novel will not be animated in the film.

Tamako and Midori's story takes place in the girls' third year of high school. Although everyone is thinking about their careers, Tamako's head is filled with thoughts of mochi. On the other hand, Mochizō has decided to go to a college in Tokyo. Midori watches the two, but has worries of her own.

In Choi's story, she continues to urgently search for a bride for the prince. She works together with Dera, who has fattened up like a ball, to use fortune-telling to find the prince's future bride, but with no luck. However, one day, the two find a certain document when they go to the country's library to look for hints on fortune-telling.

The novel is scheduled to be released in June. Yukiko Horiguchi will illustrate the novel, Reiko Yoshida is serving as director, and Mutsuki Ichinose will write the story.

The Tamako Love Story film will open in Japanese theaters on April 26.

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