Monthly Ikki Magazine's Individual Series' Plans Announced

posted on by Karen Ressler
Magazine details which series will cease publication, go on to different publications or published in separate volumes.

The September issue of Shogakukan's Monthly Ikki magazine announced the fates of its series on Friday after the magazine suspends publication.

The following series will end in the October issue:

The following series will end in the November issue

The following will serialize until October and then be published in compiled volumes after corrections:

  • Jinko Kobayashi's Junkin' Gap Clash

The following will serialize until November and then be published in compiled volumes after corrections:

The following series will continue in another Shogakukan magazine:

Specialty books will be made of the following series:

The following series from Monthly Ikki's online branch Web Ikipara Comic will also end after September

  • Noboru Asahi's Sannin musume wa Waraute Karasu
  • Mimo Nakamura's Kocchi Mitte! Yori-chan
  • Hadena Kangofu's Danchi Majo
  • Hara Kazuo's Fumi-chan no Kyuushokubukuro (Fumi-chan's Cinch Bag)
  • Murai's Makiina

Mikio Igarashi's Kyou no Aruku will continue online until December and then continue in another Shogakukan magazine January.

The magazine also announced it is ending the Ikiman Rookie of the Year Award. The magazine noted those with yearly subscriptions will receive a present and the remaining money on any account returned in October, with the November issue being the last in the subscription on September 25.

The magazine began as a spinoff of Big Comic Spirits magazine in 2000, and became a standalone monthly magazine in its own right in 2003. Viz published or released online several of Monthly Ikki titles in English under "Sigikki," a collaboration between the Viz Signature imprint and Ikki. The final issue of Monthly Ikki will ship on September 25.

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