Angel Beats! PC Game Scheduled for May 29 Release

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Promotional video also unveiled for visual novel where story events are altered by player input

Key Visual Arts revealed at its announcement conference that the release date of the Angel Beats! PC game is May 29. A promotional video was also screened at the event:

Yuri: Revenge against God, and we're on the frontlines. Five years since the 2010 anime's broadcast, it finally gets an adventure game adaptation. The fight of girls and boys in an academy in the afterlife. The pasts of the members of the force that couldn't be told in the anime are finally told.
Yuri: I kept you waiting. Angel Beats! the PC game is rebooted!
Text: Boys and girls who have regrets
Yuri: Humans who had regrets in their former life gather at this academy. With the school as the stage, my group the Afterlife Battlefront and God's pawn the Angel are part of a spectacular tornado of action! By choosing one of a few options, different story points are prepared. I wouldn't suggest it, but it looks like you can even go to classes seriously. You can see human relations that were impossible in the anime, as well as unbelievable relations! You can even stop Isawa from disappearing like she did in the third episode! Try and see yourself what kind of story will be written. The afterlife academy adventure! Angel Beats! 1st beat. Operation starting on May 29, 2015!

Pre-orders for the game will begin on January 30. Those who pre-order the game will receive an unreleased CD single by Angel Beats! anime band Girls Dead Monster, with the song being titled "Million Star."

An Angel Beats! game adaptation has been a topic of discussion among fans since co-creator Jun Maeda revealed a possible adaptation in November of 2010. After two years with little to no updates, Visual Art's President Takahiro Baba re-acknowledged the possibility of a game adaptation on Twitter in 2012, but stated that the project was not yet at the stage where it could be announced. The project was confirmed last year, but has been delayed multiple times since.

The 2010 Angel Beats! anime revolves around protagonist Yuzuru Otonashi, who wakes to find himself in a strange high school setting. Otonashi has no memories prior to waking, but learns that the location is a strange afterlife and all of its inhabitants are deceased. He joins a group which rebels against the afterlife and its primary enforcer, Angel. A young woman named Yuri Nakamura leads the group, called "Shinda Sekai Sensen" (Afterlife War Front).

Sentai Filmworks released the anime on Blu-ray Disc and DVD in North America.

Thanks to grooven for the news tip.

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