Michiko and Hatchin and One Piece: Adventure in Alabasta Released Monday

posted on by Andrew Osmond
New releases from MVM and Manga Entertainment

On Monday January 5, MVM is releasing the first half of the series Michiko and Hatchin. The 22-episode television anime series premiered in Japan in October 2008. Manglobe (Samurai Champloo, Ergo Proxy) produced the series, which marked the directorial debut of Sayo Yamamoto (Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine). The series tells the story of sexy criminal Michiko (Yoko Maki) and abused girl Hana "Hatchin" Morenos (Suzuka Ohgo). The two team up to cross the lawless frontier, searching for a man from their pasts while eluding the police and Hatchin's foster parents.

Manga Entertainment is releasing a separate edition of One Piece: The Desert Princess and the Pirates: Adventure in Alabasta, on both Blu-ray and DVD. (The film was also released as part of One Piece: Movie Collection 3, already available.) This is the eighth feature film spun off from the One Piece series, and the only one that includes an English-dubbed version. Anime-on-line describes the story:

The island kingdom of Alabasta is about to erupt in civil war - a war engineered by Crocodile, one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, and his criminal organization Baroque Works. Monkey D. Luffy, his Straw Hat pirates, and Princess Vivi race to the island, where the strongest warriors of Baroque Works wait to stop them. Can Vivi and her friends stop an entire war? And how can Luffy fight Crocodile, when Crocodile can turn into sand?

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