Viz Adds Eureka Seven, Flower of Deep Sleep, Glass Wings Manga Digitally

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Cheeky Angel, Honey Blood Tale Zero also offered digitally

Viz Media announced on Monday that it will offer Jinsei Kataoka and Kazuma Kondou's Eureka Seven manga, Misuzu Asaoka's Glass Wings one-shot manga collection, Yuana Kazumi's The Flower of Deep Sleep manga, Hiroyuki Nishimori's Cheeky Angel manga, and Miko Mitsuki's Honey Blood Tale Zero one-shot manga collection on its digital manga platform.

Kataoka and Kondou launched the manga adaptation of the Eureka Seven TV anime in Kadokawa's Shōnen Ace magazine in 2005, and ended it in 2006. Kadokawa published the manga's sixth and final compiled book volume in December 2006. Bandai Entertainment previously released the manga in North America, and published the manga's sixth English volume in September 2007.

Viz describes the manga:

Renton Thurston is a young 14-year-old who is tired of his monotonous life. His feelings of frustration come from his life of toil in his grandfather's garage and being the son of an enigmatic, legendary hero. The only thing that makes Renton happy is when he lifts, an extreme form of aerial hover-boarding.

One day a large LFO (Light Finding Operation) craft called Nirvash falls from the sky and a beautiful young girl named Eureka emerges and asks for repairs. When a smitten Renton literally falls over himself to help her, the two begin a journey that will change both their destinies...

Kadokawa published Asaoka's Glass Wings (Hane Garasu no Kimi) short story collection in December 2003. Tokyopop previously licensed the manga for North America in 2005, and released the manga in February 2006.

Viz describes the short story collection:

In this collection, a boy struggles with a dreaded affliction that comes between him and his true love; an orphan has the power to take on the sickness of others; a disfigured boy confronts the inner conflict between his need to survive and his desire to love.

In an uncompromising blend of magic and realism, Glass Wings reveals love's capacity to overcome all obstacles and to replenish the human spirit in the direst of times.

Kazumi launched her The Flower of Deep Sleep (Fukai Nemuri no Hana) manga series in Kadokawa's Monthly Asuka magazine in 2003, and concluded it in the same year. Kadokawa published the second and last volume of the manga in August 2003. Tokyopop previously licensed the manga for North America in 2004, and released the manga's second and last English volume in May 2005.

Viz describes the manga:

In a haunting vision, Yuuki sees a mysterious little girl with whom she shares a secret connection. Who is this girl? Does she have an even greater power to influence events? In this hypnotically gripping tale that blurs the line between dreams and reality, will Yuuki find the answers in time?

Nishimori launched his Cheeky Angel (Tenshi na Konamaiki) manga in Shogakukan's Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine in 1999, and ended it in 2003. Shogakukan published the manga's 20th and last compiled book volume in Japan in September 2003. The manga inspired a 50-episode TV anime adaptation in 2002. Viz also began publishing the manga in English in 2004, and published the 20th volume in 2008.

Viz describes the manga:

Megumi, a nine-year-old martial arts enthusiast and all around rapscallion always wanted to be, "the manliest man on Earth." After saving a sorcerer from a group of local toughs, Megumi is presented with a magic genie which can grant any wish. Unfortunately, this genie misconstrues Megumi's desire as wanting to become the, "womanliest woman on Earth," and in a flash, Megumi's Y chromosome is swapped for an X. Six years later...Megumi is the hottest girl in school, but has stayed true to his/her tough talkin', punk stompin' ways. If that's not enough, Genzo, the baddest dude in town, is smitten by Megumi's womanly wiles...

Mitsuki launched her Honey Blood (Mitsuaji Blood) manga as a one-shot story in Shogakukan's Sho-Comi magazine in 2008, and later expanded it into a serialized series in the same magazine. Shogakukan published the second and last compiled book volume of the manga in Japan in September 2010. Viz acquired the manga in March 2014, and published the second English volume last December. Honey Blood Tale Zero collects the earlier one-shots with two additional short stories by Mitsuki. Shogakukan published Honey Blood Tale Zero in December 2009. Viz published the manga in English on February 3.

Viz describes the manga:

Honey Blood Tale 0 is where Hinata and Junya's love story originally began. In addition to the one-shot chapters that made Honey Blood's serialization possible, this volume contains two bonus short stories from the author!


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