Ace Attorney 6 Game's Foreign Setting, Main Characters Revealed

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Phoenix gets wrapped up in case in foreign country in new 3DS game

Kadokawa's Weekly Famitsu magazine revealed more information on Thursday for CAPCOM's Gyakuten Saiban 6 (Ace Attorney 6) Nintendo 3DS game.

The game's theme is a "courtroom revolution," and it will take place in a different country. CAPCOM released a teaser image on Thursday featuring protagonist Ryuichi Naruhodo (Phoenix Wright) and a mysterious woman (pictured above). CAPCOM also released character designs and descriptions for Phoenix Wright, as well as two new characters.

The Lawyer of Justice: Ryuichi Naruhodo (Phoenix Wright)
"I believe in my client's innocence. That's why I'll keep believing, and bring the truth to light. That's just how it is."
He gets wrapped up in a case while he's enjoying the sights in a foreign country, and finds himself in an unfamiliar courtroom. Although he is in an unfamiliar law system, his sense of justice and his belief in his client's innocence allows him to uncover the truth.

Phoenix's Client: Apprentice Priest Bokuto Tsuaani (The name is a pun on "Boku to tour ni," meaning "a tour with me")
"Sightseeing, is it? Just leave it to me!
Bokuto is a lively boy who is learning to be a priest. He makes a living as a tour guide on the side. He loves to explain his country to tourists, and doesn't stop once he starts talking about it. He serves as a tour guide to Phoenix.

Mysterious Girl
She wears mysterious clothes, and holds a staff. She seems to be an important element in the courtroom. She is neither witness, nor prosecutor, nor judge.

In the game, Phoenix visits the foreign country to accomplish "a certain goal." In the country, the people practice a particular religion, and a mysterious atmosphere surrounds the temple at the center of town. In the mysterious town, Phoenix sees what looks like a priest. He tells Phoenix that the people are staunch devotees of the religion, and worship the "souls of the deceased."

When Phoenix first sees the courtroom, there is no defense attorney. The judge seems to hand down guilty verdicts quickly, and relies on an "oracle of deceased spirits." The new courtroom includes a "water mirror," which is displayed on the 3DS' top screen, and the mirror can reveal images and words.

Famitsu has posted several other screenshots from the game.

Ace Attorney 6 is also in development for the West.

The game will have a playable demo at Tokyo Game Show from September 17 to 20. Those who play the demo and experience the entry's new system of gameplay will receive an original sticker set. The covention will also unveil information about the game's stages and a "special court" video made for the show.

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