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Section23 Adds Clamp School Detectives, Live-Action Corpse Party

posted on by Rafael Antonio Pineda
CLAMP School Detectives slated for September 13, Corpse Party on September 27

Section23 Films announced on Thursday that it has licensed the CLAMP School Detectives anime and the live-action Corpse Party film. It will release CLAMP School Detectives with the dub in a complete collection on DVD on September 13, and Corpse Party on Blu-ray Disc and DVD on September 27.

Section23 Films describes CLAMP School Detectives:

If it weren't for the small matter of age Nokoru, Suoh and Akira would be perfect ladies' men. Akira is a world-class chef, Suoh is a world-class martial artist and Nokoru is so brilliant that he stands out at their exclusive academy for conspicuous overachievers, CLAMP School! Not to mention, all three are smart, conscientious and attractive! However, since they haven't reached seventh grade and aren't ready to date yet, Nokoru has come up with a different way to ingratiate the trio with the feminine gender: forming a detective team that specializes in helping ladies in distress! Of course, it doesn't hurt that Nokoru can detect girls in trouble from a mile away, while Suoh comes from a family of Ninjas and Akira has inherited a similarly useful set of skills from his father, an infamous thief! Recess is on and the mystery is afoot as the famed all-female creative team CLAMP unleashes the sleuthing prowess of the CLAMP SCHOOL DETECTIVES!

Bandai Entertainment first began releasing the anime on VHS in 1999 as one of its first titles. It re-released the series on DVD in 2008. Maiden Japan will publish the new release.

Section23 Films describes Corpse Party:

Horror Movie Lesson Number One: if you want to stay in touch with your friends, performing a binding ceremony on the grounds of a school that was demolished after a series of horrific murders may not be a great idea. Otherwise, as a group of Japanese teens quickly learn to their horror, the simple ritual may open a doorway to an otherworldly dimension where the infamous Heavenly Host High still exists, and the demonic occupants within seek to redecorate the gore-soaked and carnage-strewn halls with a new set of bloody corpses. Now, it's a brutal education in supernatural survival as the students fight both the resident spirits and each other, where the odds of graduating alive, let alone in One Piece, are sliced shorter and shorter with every heart-pounding second. Japan's ultra-violent videogame and anime phenomenon becomes a shocking live action feature film as hell is unleashed at the CORPSE PARTY!

The film is based on 5pb.'s Corpse Party horror game franchise. The film opened in Japanese theaters last August, alongside a simultaneous live stream on Niconico Live. A new "Unlimited Edition" of the film, which featured explicit sequences cut from the original theatrical release, opened in Japan last September. It starred Nogizaka46 and AKB48 member Rina Ikoma as third-year high school student Naomi Nakashima. The role marked Ikoma's first starring role. The film will receive a sequel.

Switchblade Films will publish the English release.

Thanks to kenno20081 and Rukiia for the news tips

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