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Dengeki Daioh Launches Kino's Journey Manga, A Certain Scientific Railgun Spinoff

posted on by Rafael Antonio Pineda
6 new series to debut in magazine in April, May

The May issue of Kadokawa's Monthly Comic Dengeki Daioh magazine revealed on Monday that it will launch six new manga in April and May.

The June issue, which ships on April 27, includes a new manga spinoff of Kazuma Kamachi and Motoi Fuyukawa's A Certain Scientific Railgun manga. The spinoff is titled To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Gaiden: Astral Body (A Certain Scientific Railgun Side Story: Astral Body), and Kōji Nogi draws the manga. The manga focuses on a certain unnamed character (shown above) who appears throughout the story of A Certain Scientific Railgun and A Certain Magical Index, and whose name is revealed in this story set at Tokiwadai Middle School.

Nutmeg Seijū is launching the Anata no Yūsha (Danna) Uwaki Shitemasu yo (Your Hero (Husband) is Cheating on You) manga in the June issue. The manga focuses on a hero who is married, but monster girls seeking children of heroic lineage keep coming after him to steal him away. The hero's wife chooses to deal with the monster girls herself.

Akira Fujimatsu is launching the Oni Futatsu (Two Demons, tentative title) manga in the June issue. In the manga, a demon called a shinki lives inside each person. Kei, a high school student, hates his shinki, and goes about life trying to suppress his inner demon. But a certain event brings out the shinki inside him.

The July issue, which ships on May 27, includes a new manga adaptation of Keiichi Sigsawa's Kino no Tabi - the Beautiful World (Kino's Journey) light novel series. Sato is drawing the manga, with character designs by Kouhaku Kuroboshi. Iruka Shinomiya also launched the first manga adaptation of the novels in Kodansha's Shonen Magazine Edge on March 17. A new television anime adaptation of the novels has been green-lit.

Kanoka Tana is also launching a new series titled Koi no Torikata (Photographing Love) in the July issue. The manga focuses on transfer student Mamoru Kawashima, who enters his school's photography club due to a certain strange incident. Through his club activities, he meets his upperclassman Tsugumi Sasaki, a girl who has the strange nickname of "Ice Goddess." She never laughs and is a bit odd. In a day where "Sasaki's smile was locked up in a photo," Kawashima's romance begins.

Musshu is launching the Furidashi ni Ochiru manga in the July issue. The manga centers on Hato Aoi, a 16-year-old high school girl who just wants to enjoy her school life. But it turns out she doesn't really act like a high school girl. The manga is a light story about a girl who tries her hardest to become a real high school girl.

Source: Comic Natalie

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