Konbini Kareshi Anime's Theme Song Artists Revealed

posted on 2017-07-06 10:30 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Cellchrome, ORANGE POST REASON perform theme songs for anime premiering on Thursday

The official website for Konbini Kareshi (Convenience Store Boyfriends), a multimedia project developed by Kadokawa's B's Log Comic magazine, revealed the anime's theme song artists on June 28.

Cellchrome will perform the anime's opening theme song "Stand Up Now." The song's CD single will ship on August 23. ORANGE POST REASON will perform the anime's ending theme song "Milestone." The song's CD single will ship on September 13.

The site previously streamed a promotional video for the anime in June.

The series will premiere on TBS at night on Thursday at 1:58 a.m. (effectively Friday morning). The show will also air on BS-TBS and CS-TBS Channel 1.

The cast is as follows:

Takuma Terashima as Haruki Mishima

Sayaka Kanda as Miharu Mashiki

Kenichi Suzumura as Towa Honda

Rie Kugimiya as Mami Mihashi

Shinnosuke Tachibana as Mikado Nakajima

Yukari Tamura as Waka Kisaki

Yuuki Kaji as Nasa Sanagi

Ami Koshimizu as Nozomi Itokawa

Hiroshi Kamiya as Natsu Asumi

Miyuki Sawashiro as Kokono Minowa

Takahiro Sakurai as Masamune Sakurakōji

Yui Horie as Aki Asukai

In addition, Kōtarō Nishiyama and Shunsuke Takeuchi will play convenience store shop keepers Keiichi Miki and Makoto Sakamoto. In addition to the above cast members, who were all previously involved with the project, Mariko Nagai is joining the cast as Akira Mishima.

The website describes the story:

It is spring, right around the time when new students start getting used to their school lives. First year high school students Haruki Mishima and Tōre Honda are looking forward to their new school life. Meanwhile Nasa Sanagi, sole member of the cooking research club, continues with his club activities from middle school, striving to work on the theme that his adviser laid out for him. Second year student Natsu Asumi, although he matured a little since the height of his impudence during his first year, has nevertheless chosen to remain alone this year. Third year students Mikado Nakajima and Masamuna Sakurakoji watch over him with a smile. All of them will pay the nearby convenience store a visit after school. Each of the students goes there for different reasons: to eat ice cream after club activities at school, to get the latest issue of this week's game magazine, to purchase ingredients for cooking, to meet friends, or to stock up on their favorite bread or chocolate drink. The convenience store becomes the place they can meet, relax, and make small memories.

Starting now, the reasons they will go to the convenience store will slowly begin to change.

The site also stated that the upcoming anime will follow each of the students as they fall in love, following each of their daily lives, feelings, and their personal story up through the moment they confess their love.

Hayato Date (Saiyuki, Naruto) is directing the anime at Studio Pierrot. Satomi Ishikawa (Tokimeki Restaurant game character designs, Buddy Complex key animation) is designing the characters based on illustrator Makoto Senzaki's original character designs. Sayaka Harada (Starmyu) is in charge of series composition.

The multimedia project centers on a group of male high school students who always stop at a convenience store on their way home from school. The project launched in 2015 and has already released mooks (magazine-style books) with bundled drama CDs.

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