William Winckler Productions Announces English Dubs for 3 More Ultraman Films

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Cast lists revealed, including William Knight original Ultraman

William Winckler Productions announced on Thursday that it has recorded English dubs for three more Ultraman films: Mega Monster Battle Ultra Galaxy The Movie, Ultraman Zero The Revenge of Belial, and Ultraman Saga. The company confirmed with ANN that Tsuburaya is planning to release the films with William Winckler Productions' English dub and subtitles in a "high end" package of six movies. The company previously dubbed Ultraman Ginga S The Movie, Ultraman X The Movie, and Ultra Fight Victory.

The cast for Mega Monster Battle Ultra Galaxy The Movie is as follows:

  • William Knight as Ultraman
  • Paul Stanko as Ray & Musashi/Ultraman Cosmos
  • Beau Rue Marie as Belial
  • John Katona as Ultraman Mebius
  • Phil Milner as Zoffy & Ultraman Leo
  • Daniel Van Thomas as Ultraman Zero
  • G. Larry Butler as Ultra Father, Ultra Seven & Zarab
  • Bryan Forrest as Ultraman Dyna, Young Zero
  • Lisle Wilkerson as Ultra Mother
  • Anisa Vong as Ultra Boy & Ultra Kids
  • Brad Potts as Ultraman Jack
  • Frank Gerrish as Ultraman Ace & Hyuga
  • Josh Madsen as Oki
  • Valerie Rose Lohman as Haruna
  • Michael Kunselman as Kumano
  • Kyle Rea as Ultraman Eighty & Shaplay
  • Kent Shocknek as Battlenizer Voice
  • Robert Axelrod as Ultraman King
  • William Winckler as Ultraman Taro & Zeton
  • Adam Sartain as Raybrad & Astra
  • Jay Dee Witney as Guard

The film opened in Japan in December 2009. William Winckler Productions describes the story:

When a treacherous Ultra Warrior named Belial is banished from his home planet, he steals a special weapon to release countless kaiju from the monster graveyard, so he and the giant creatures can wipe out all life on the world of the Ultramen.

The cast for Ultraman Zero The Revenge of Belial is as follows:

  • Daniel Van Thomas as Ultraman Zero, Darklops
  • Beth Ann Sweezer as Princess, Yurian
  • Anisa Vong as Nao, Young Nao, Young Run
  • Robbie Stubbs as Run
  • Kyle Rea as Ultraman Eighty, Kaiser Belial
  • Adam Sartain as Narrator, Guru, Darkgone
  • Paul Stanko as Glenfire,
  • William Winckler as Ultraman Taro, Jean Bird
  • David Foy Bauer as Mirror Knight
  • Larry Butler as Ultra Seven, Ultra Father, Iaron, Giru
  • Phil Miler as Zoffy, Pirates, Hiro
  • William Knight as Ultraman, Mirror Voice
  • Brad Potts as Ultraman Jack
  • Marty Hrejsa as Garu
  • Lisle Wilkerson as Ultra Mother, Mina, Woman
  • Frank Gerrish as Ultraman Ace
  • Linda Weinrib as Grandma
  • Jay Dee Witney as Pirate

The film opened in December 2010. William Winkler Productions describes the story:

Ultraman Zero, the son of Ultra Seven, must battle the sinister Belial, now known as Kaiser Belial, who is out to destroy the planet of the Ultramen once again. Zero must also save a young alien princess, with help from the giant space heroes Mirror Knight and Glenfire.

The cast of Ultraman Saga is as follows:

  • Justin Andrews as Taiga
  • Anisa Vong as Hina, Takeru
  • Linnea A. Sage as Anna
  • Elyse Bertani as Lisa
  • Lexi Eiserman as Sawa
  • Sarah Jenks as Misato
  • Theresa Croft as Nonko
  • Annie Knudsen as Maomi
  • Bryan Forrest as Ultraman Dyna
  • Daniel Van Thomas as Ultraman Zero
  • Paul Stanko as Ultraman Cosmos
  • Adam Sartain as Alien Bat
  • G. Larry Butler as Ultra Seven
  • Phil Miler as Ultraman Leo
  • Kent Shocknek as Hibiki
  • William Winckler as Go Hideki
  • William Knight as Ultraman
  • Brad Potts as Ultraman Jack
  • Frank Gerrish as Ultraman Ace, Kohda
  • Lisle Wilkerson as Yumimura, Takeru's Mom
  • Linda Weinrib as Grandma
  • Jay Dee Witney as Technician, Father

The film opened in Marc 2012. William Winckler Productions describes Ultraman Saga:

When a sinister alien and his monster Zetton cause all life on Earth to vanish, the only human survivors - a group of young women and the children they protect - must fight back with the help of Ultraman Zero, Ultraman Cosmos, and Ultraman Dyna.

William Winckler Productions previously released the Ultraman Ginga S The Movie and Ultraman X The Movie in some U.S. theaters in January as a double feature.

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