JAST USA to Release togainu no chi, DRAMAtical Murder, Lamento -Beyond the Void- Boys-Love Games

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Company to also release Flowers autumn, Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi

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JAST USA announced at Anime Expo on Wednesday that its new JAST BLUE boys-love label will release Nitro+CHiRAL's togainu no chi, Lamento -Beyond the Void-, and Dramatical murder games.

JAST BLUE also confirmed that it will release Nitro+CHiRAL's Sweet Pool boys-love visual novel "really soon." The game was the first game announced for the JAST BLUE label.

The company also announced that its main JAST USA label will release the Flowers autumn and Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi games. JAST USA plans to release Flowers autumn around this time next year, and plans to release Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi by Anime Expo 2019.

Nitro+CHiRAL's togainu no chi and DRAMAtical Murder visual novels previously inspired television anime adaptations.

togainu no chi premiered in October 2010 and aired for 12 episodes. Anime News Network streamed the series as it aired. In the anime's story, several years after the end of a war, the city of Toshima has fallen into decay and been taken over by the crime syndicate Viscio. There, the head of the syndicate, Il Rey, has convened the battle game "Igura." Meanwhile, Akira, falsely accused of a crime, has made a deal to earn his pardon: go to Toshima, defeat Il Rey, and destroy the syndicate.

DRAMAtical Murder premiered in July 2014 and aired for 12 episodes. The anime's Blu-ray Disc and DVD box sets in Japan also included an original 13th episode.

Sentai Filmworks released the series on home video with an English dub, and it describes the anime:

Nothing on Midorijima has been the same since the powerful Toue Konzern forced the original population into the Old Residential District and converted the rest of the island into the exclusive resort Platinum Jail. Despite that, Aoba Seragaki has tried to build a normal life for himself, working part-time in a junk shop and hanging out with his friends and his A.I. "pet" AllMate, Ren.

But when Aoba is drawn into the shady underworld that surrounds the popular virtual game Rhyme, the universe that he thought he knew falls apart. If deja vu describes the sensation of experiencing something that you think you may have done before, what is it called when other people seem to recognize you for doing things that you don't remember doing? All Aoba knows is that there are gaps in his memory, people are disappearing, and a secret buried in his own mind may be the only keys to revelation.

Crunchyroll streamed the television series as it aired in Japan.

Nitro+CHiRAL released Lamento -Beyond the Void- for PC in October 2006. A Windows 10 edition launched in September 2016. The game has inspired novels, drama CDs, and a manga.

JAST USA has already released Innocent Grey's Flowers spring game.

Nitroplus released the Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi adult PC game in June 2013.

Additionally, JAST USA announced it is consulting with developer Dual Tail on Dual Tail's localization of its Venus Blood game.

The company also announced the Anime Expo launch of the Trample on "Schatten!!" and Flowers summer games. Both games are available at JAST USA's Anime Expo booth, with Flowers summer available in a limited edition with a figure. JAST USA will ship the games to those who pre-ordered them on July 16.

Source: JAST USA Anime Expo panel (Egan Loo)

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