The Thousand Noble Musketeers Anime Gets Original Video Anime

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March 6 episode about surprise birthday party set after episode 6

The official Twitter account for the television anime of Marvelous' The Thousand Musketeers (Senjūshi: The Thousand Noble Musketeers) smartphone game announced on Wednesday that an original video anime will ship on March 6, 2019. "Kijūshi-tachi no Happy Birthday!" (Noble Musketeers' Happy Birthday!) will tell a "heartwarming, hilarious slice-of-life story" about the noble musketeers holding a surprise birthday party for Master on a certain day after the events of episode 6.

The main staff and cast will reunite for the 24-minute original video anime.

Sentai FIlmworks describes the series:

The Thousand Musketeers TV series follows the struggle of a ragtag resistance effort battling against the World Empire, a tyrannical regime intent on oppressing lives and suppressing liberty. Although modern weapons are forbidden, the resistance fighters repurpose antique weapons that had been regarded as works of art, not deadly arms. But the balance of power changes as these relics of ancient wars respond to the plight of the resistance and come to life as noble musketeers who take up the weapons they were born from and fight to bring a sliver of hope back to the world!

The cast includes:

  • Taku Yashiro as Brown Bess
  • Shinnosuke Tachibana as Charleville
  • Shouta Aoi as Springfield
  • Yuuki Kaji as Kentucky
  • Daisuke Namikawa as Napoleon
  • Wataru Hatano as Rapp
  • Ayumu Murase as Nicola and Noël
  • Tomoaki Maeno (replacing Yuichiro Umehara) as Ieyasu
  • Sōma Saitō as Hidetada
  • Yoshiki Nakajima as Yukimura
  • Takuya Satō as Dreyse
  • Takuya Eguchi as Chassepot
  • Kōtarō Nishiyama as Lorenz
  • Hiroki Takahashi as Tabatière
  • Yuuki Ono as Ali Pasha
  • Ikkei Yamamoto as Esen
  • Makoto Furukawa as Mahmut
  • Ryō Hirano as Aleksandr
  • Tsubasa Yonaga as Ekaterina
  • Yusuke Shirai as Hall
  • Yūma Uchida as Geweer
  • Yoshitaka Yamaya as Karl
  • Kenji Hamada as Leopold
  • Natsuki Hanae as Margarita
  • Tatsuhisa Suzuki as Kiseru
  • Tarusuke Shingaki as Cane
  • Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Cutlery
  • Motoki Takagi as Furusato
  • Katsuyuki Konishi as Kinbee

Kenichi Kasai (Honey and Clover, Nodame Cantabile, Bakuman) is directing the anime at TMS Entertainment. Takashi Aoshima (Sanrio Boys, Himoto! Umaru-chan) is the series supervisor, Majiro (Barakamon, Macross Delta) is the character designer, and Hiroshi Takaki (Devils and Realist, AKB0048) is composing the music.

The show's opening theme song is "antique memory" by Taku Yashiro and Yoshiki Nakajima, and vistlip performs the show's ending theme song "BLACK MATRIX."

The Thousand Musketeers anime premiered in Japan on July 3. Sentai Filmworks has licensed the series and HIDIVE is streaming the series as it airs.

The game launched on iOS and Android on March 22. The game is also inspiring an ongoing manga adaptation by Miki Daichi that launched in Kadokawa's Young Ace magazine on June 4.

Sources: The Thousand Musketeers anime's official Twitter account, website

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