Steins;Gate 0 and Sagrada Reset Released Monday

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Also three Gundam releases, including the film Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack

On Monday July 29, Manga Entertainment will release the first half of the series Steins;Gate 0 as a Blu-ray/DVD combi pack. It will carry the first 12 episodes of the series (as well as the "23ß" episode of the original Steins;Gate - this is an alternative ending to the original series, leading into the new series).

The series is set in a timeline where Okabe, the protagonist of the original series, saved his friend Mayuri, but could not prevent the murder of the brilliant young scientist Kurisu Makise. He has focused on forgetting the past and moving on with his life, but he is constantly reminded by future freedom fighter Suzuha that their current world-line is set to be torn apart by a devastating Third World War.

The anime is based on the game of the same name. Kenichi Kawamura (Qualidea Code, SoniAni: Super Sonico the Animation) directed the anime at White Fox (Girls' Last Tour, Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-). Jukki Hanada (Love Live! Sunshine!!, Nichijō) returned from the previous anime to be in charge of series composition. Tomoshige Inayoshi (Buddy Complex, Battle Spirits: Sword Eyes), who was an episode animation director for the first television anime, designed the characters based on huke's original designs.

MVM will release the 24-part series Sagrada Reset on Blu-ray. This is the television anime of Yutaka Kōno's teen science-fiction/fantasy light novel series . Sentai Filmworks described the anime's story:

"Sagrada, a town where almost half the population possess special powers. The town's administration bureau provides oversight on those with powers, and its inhabitants mostly live in peace. These powers were brought by gentle and heartfelt wishes such as "being able to make the tears from the person in front of me disappear," or "to be heard by someone."

"Kei Asai has an eidetic memory, allowing him to perfectly remember anything he sees and hears, while Misora Haruki can turn back or "reset" time for a maximum of three days. While Misora forgets her memories of the future when she performs a "reset," Kei does not. Using their powers together, they are capable of changing the past to affect the present."

Shinya Kawatsura (Non Non Biyori, Tanaka-kun is Always Listless) directed the anime at david production, and Katsuhiko Takayama was in charge of the series scripts. Tomoyuki Shitaya designed the characters. In addition to voicing Youka, Yui Makino performed the opening theme song "Reset."

Anime Limited is releasing a trio of titles related to the Gundam franchise. One of them is the 1988 feature film Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack as a Collector's Blu-ray. It will include five art cards and a poster. Anime Limited describes the story:

"U.C. 0093. 13 years have passed since the events of the original Mobile Suit Gundam. But the foundations of peace are once again threatened by a new Neo Zeon army, led by the infamous Char Aznable! Their ultimate goal is to plunge Earth into a nuclear winter, forcing humanity to emigrate completely into space.

"Armed with the state-of-the-art Nu Gundam, Amuro Ray and his Fede-ration comrades are all that stand against Neo Zeon. Torn between vengeance, duty, and love - the final battle between Char Aznable and Amuro Ray is at hand."

Anime Limited is also releasing a standard Blu-ray containing the three cinema films compiled from the 1979 Mobile Suit Gundam TV series. These films are Mobile Suit Gundam I, Mobile Suit Gundam II: Soldiers of Sorrow and Mobile Suit Gundam III: Encounters in Space. They are subtitled only.

Anime Limited is also releasing the first half of the series Zeta Gundam as a standard Blu-ray, carrying the first 25 episodes of the series.

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