7th Touken Ranbu Stage Play Reveals Full Title, Cast Visuals

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Touken Ranbu: Iden Oboro no Shishitachi stage play runs November-January

The official website for Marvelous' stage play adaptations of Nitroplus and DMM Games' Touken Ranbu franchise revealed cast visuals and a cast key visual for the seventh stage play last Wednesday. The website also revealed that the stage play's full title is Touken Ranbu: Iden Oboro no Shishitachi.

Jin Aoki as Mutsunokami Yoshiyuki (Note: Historical Japanese names are listed family name first)

Keito Sakurai as Hizen Tadahiro

Daiki Miyoshi as Nankaitarō Chōson

Rui Tabuchi as Izuminokami Kanesada

Eito Konishi as Horikawa Kunihiro

Yuki Tamaki as Kogarasumaru

Toshiyuki Someya as Tsurumaru Kuninaga

The cast also includes:

Ken'ichi Suemitsu is directing and writing the script. The stage play will run at Tokyo Dome City Hall in Tokyo from November 22 to December 1, at the AiiA 2.5 Theater Kobe in Hyogo from December 6 to 15, at the Akasaka ACT Theater in Tokyo from December 20 to January 12, and at the Fukuoka Sun Palace Hotel & Hall in Fukuoka from January 17 to 18.

The sixth and most recent stage play ran in Tokyo, Osaka, Hyogo, and back to Tokyo again from June 14 through August 4.

The first stage play, Touken Ranbu Kyoden - Moeyuru Honnōji, ran in May 2016. The second stage play, Touken Ranbu Kyoden - Moeyuru Honnōji ~ Saien, ran from December 2016 to January 2017. Touken Ranbu Giden - Akatsuki no Dokuganryū, the franchise's third stage play, ran from June to July 2017. The fourth play, Tōken Ranbu: Jo-den Mitsura Boshi Katanagatari, ran in December 2017. The fifth play, Touken Ranbu: Hiden Yuinome no Hototogisu, ran from June to July 2018.

The Touken Ranbu Online "sword personification training game" takes famous swords from Japanese history and interprets them as bishōnen. Nitroplus designed the characters and scenario. The game launched in Japan in 2015. The franchise has inspired the Katsugeki: Touken Ranbu television anime series and an upcoming anime film, the two Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru spinoff anime series, and a compilation anime film. A live-action film opened in Japan on January 18.

The franchise is also inspiring a separate series of stage musicals. The newest musical debuted on August 3 and will run until October.

Update: The new play is the seventh stage play, not the sixth as previously reported.

Sources: Touken Ranbu stage plays' website, 4Gamer

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