BL (Boys Life) Manga Sasaki and Miyano Gets Anime (Updated)

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Yen Press licensed Shō Harusono's manga about high school students

The 39th chapter of Shō Harusono's Sasaki and Miyano revealed on Friday that the manga is inspiring an anime. The next issue of Kadokawa's Monthly Comic Gene will provide more information on December 13.

Yen Press licensed the manga, and it describes the story:

Miyano spends his days peacefully reading Boys' Love comics and worrying about how girly his face is—until a chance encounter leads to a scuffle with his senior Sasaki. Intrigued by his feisty junior Miyano, delinquent Sasaki uses every opportunity he can to get closer…

Harusono launched the manga in the pixiv website in 2016. Kadokawa published the manga's sixth volume on March 26, and it will publish the seventh volume on November 27. It has inspired a novel by Kotoko Hachijō. The original manga spawned the Hirano to Kagiura spinoff manga about two side characters that runs in Monthly Comic Gene, but is currently on hiatus. (The same Sasaki and Miyano chapter that revealed the anime also revealed that the spinoff manga will resume in January.) That spinoff manga has in turn inspired its own novel.

Source: Sasaki and Miyano chapter 39

Update: While the publishers categorize the manga as "BL," the publishers' description also emphasize that the BL stands for "Boys Life" (everyday life of high school boys) as opposed to the usual definition of "Boys Love." Thanks, fencer_x.

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