Poll - How do you prefer to watch your anime?

How do you prefer to watch your anime? (If you prefer a language other than English, please chose which of the below is most acceptable, since R1 DVDs aren't likely to have you language on them).

In Japanese with English Subtitles 1729 (55.3%)
I'm pretty ambivalent, it depends on the situation (ie: how I saw it first, if I'm doing something while watching) and/or who I'm with. 463 (14.8%)
For any anime I try out both (Dubbed & Subbed) then continue with what's better. 445 (14.2%)
In English with no subtitles 328 (10.5%)
In English with English Subtitles (to compare the translations) 108 (3.5%)
In Japanese (I understand Japanese enough to not need subs) 52 (1.7%)

Total number of votes: 3125

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