Protoculture Restructures Internet Presence

Protoculture is currently in the process of restructuring its domain names and moving its web page to a new host server. Those changes will allow Protoculture to offer more content online. Up to now, the Protoculture web page ( or was merely a promotional tool for the Protoculture Addicts magazine, giving mostly product information, but, with the Internet becoming more and more omnipresent in anime fans' lives, it will soon start offering articles, anime stories, purchase guides and many reviews of anime & manga related products. This information and contents will be available for free and products' reviews will be released more quickly online.

Until this process is fully completed and the entire web site is updated, a few page or image links may not work properly. Protoculture will do its best to correct all the links problems quickly and thank its users readers for their patience and understanding.

Of course, with the staff being busy with the implementation of those changes, some production delays are to be expected. Protoculture Addicts #81 will most probably be released only at the end of April or early May.

Protoculture is now offering advertising on its web page at competitive prices! Please check the Web Advertising Rates on the Internet ( for details.

With the retirement of the "" domain name, all Protoculture e-mail addresses are affected. Therefore, ALL Protoculture e-mail addresses ending with "" are now changed to "" For example: "[email protected]" becomes "[email protected]" This change is effective immediately. Here are Protoculture new contact e-mails:

PA Magazine: [email protected]
General Information: [email protected]
Web page & general feedback: [email protected]
online order: [email protected]
Advertising & Wholesale: [email protected]

Please update your files with those new e-mail addresses as soon as possible! And, since messages sent to the old e-mail addresses might not have reached Protoculture, all press releases and release information sent after the beginning of March should be sent again. E-mail remains the surest and fastest way to contact Protoculture's staff.

Protoculture is a company dedicated to publishing, promoting and distributing anime & manga-related products. It publish the magazine Protoculture Addicts as well as guides like Anime: A Guide To Japanese Animation. Protoculture's Online Catalog is also offering a selection of anime-related products.

Protoculture Addicts is the only independent and the longest running anime & manga magazine in North America (it has been around for over sixteen years, so its staff knows anime). It is dedicated to keeping fans informed about what is going on in the anime industry (both in Japan and North America) and to helping them choose the best titles to buy. Each issue introduces several anime (with overviews, character & mechanical files, episode guides, etc.), anime-related products (books, CDs, DVDs, manga, models kits, toys, etc.) or events (festivals, conventions, etc.) and elements of Japanese culture (live-action movies, books, music, etc.). It covers all styles and genres of anime and caters to the interests of both beginners & otakus. It offers more useful information than any other anime magazine in a compact and affordable format! Designed for those who prefer substance and content, Protoculture Addicts is definitely the best guide to anime culture. Bimonthly, 72 pages (8 in color), only $4.95!

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