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San Jose, CA – July 19, 2004 ComicsOne has locked down yet another manga adaptation to one of Bandai's glorious anime properties.

Enter Infinite Ryvius, a collaborative piece from acclaimed writers - Yatate Hajime & Yosuke Kuroda (Onegai Teacher), whose words are brought to life by the artwork of Shinsuke Kurihashi (Maniac Road)!

In the year 2225 A.D. humanity has colonized much of the known solar system. This Sci-Fi thriller follows a group of teenage astronauts in-training. During a routine dive procedure, their space station plummets into a “plasma field” called the Gedult killing all the adult instructors and leaving the trainees to survive on their own via a ship called Ryvius. All seems to be going well until the thirst for power corrupts one of the crew and a grab for ultimate control is made. Based on the intense Bandai Anime, Infinite Ryvius is a action drama which explores not only the dark expanse of space, but deep and churning aspects of humanity such as trust, betrayal, perseverance and drive for survival.

While not following the anime to the “letter,” ComicOne's Infinite Ryvius manga will illustrate episodes unseen, subsequently revealing plot points viewers of the anime will find quite intriguing.

This is going to be a truly thrilling ride--complimenting the anime perfectly. Come continue your adventures aboard the Ryvius this fall!

Infinite Ryvius # 1 will be available in October 2004. Each 200 page graphic novel will be priced at $9.95. Visit for more detailed series information.

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