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Cruising the Anime City
An Otaku Guide to Neo Tokyo

by Patrick Macias and Tomohiro Machiyama

"This is the easiest, cheapest, and safest way to cruise into the maniac's world." Junko Mizuno, artist and author of Cinderalla and Pure Trance

November 2004 (Berkeley, CA) ­ Stone Bridge Press, now in its 15th year of publishing books about Japan, is excited to provide the first street-smart guide to a part of Tokyo that is shaping cultural tastes around the globe. Cruising the Anime City is a travel guide, a social commentary, and a sneak peak into the trends that will hit the West in the near future.

In Neo Tokyo, otaku dress up cosplay style for real, fans crowd cons to buy and trade, and anime soundtracks are heard in concert halls. Neo Tokyo is where anime has become both urban fashion and cultural zeitgeist. Featuring interviews with tastemakers, authors Patrick Macias and Tomohiro Machiyama cover studios, toys, museums, games, film "locations," music, plus where to hang and how to cruise.

"American Patrick Macias and Japanese Tomohiro Machiyama are your super team-up guides to this alternate pop-culture dimension next door," says Japan Edge co-author Carl Gustav Horn. "They drop anecdotes that will make you gape and treasure maps to stores that will make you start booking your airline tickets now."

For anime fans, gamers, pop idol worshippers, fashion freaks, cosplayers, toy collectors, movie nuts, or just the curious, Cruising the Anime City takes you to Neo Tokyo, the pop cultural homeland of otaku around the world.

Patrick Macias is a specialist in Asian film and Japanese pop culture, is also author of TokyoScope.

Tomohiro Machiyama, a movie critic and journalist, helped popularize the word "otaku."

Cruising the Anime City: An Otaku Guide to Neo Tokyo retails for US$16.95. It is 144 pp., paperback, with 100+ color photos & maps. ISBN 1-880656-88-4. See for other books on anime, manga, and more.

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