Latest Japanese Dating-Sim "Hitomi - My Stepsister" Available


San Diego, CA, Thursday, December 2, 2004 - PCR Distributing/JAST USA, the largest distributor of Japanese dating-sim games for adults, announced the immediate availability of Hitomi - My Stepsister, an interactive anime-style game for adults ported to English by G-Collections. Featuring an enjoyable story in which you must win the hearts of several beautiful anime girls in order to get them to go to bed with you, this new dating-sim game appeals to mature fans of Japan's famous "hentai" erotic art style.

Hitomi - My Stepsister is an interactive PC game in which you interact with pretty anime girls as you move through the game story, making choices that affect the eventual game outcome. On a rainy day in June, your father suddenly announces his intention to remarry. The next Sunday, two beautiful women move in to your house: the kind and gentle Yoko, and her shy and oddly sad daughter Hitomi, your new stepmother and stepsister. Every since that time, you've been totally at a loss, overcome with desire for Hitomi, the solemn girl who calls you "Oniichan" (Big Brother). You knew you had to possess her one day...

Ever since the first computers with color displays appeared in the early 1980s, Japan has had a strong tradition of creating PC games for adults in which players interact with virtual anime girls and try to score with them sexually. Games often explore various fetishes, such as sexy maids who serve the player's every wish, harems of beautiful anime girls, or girls in unlikely costumes. These interactive games feature multiple endings with each character for maximum replay value.

Hitomi - My Stepsister is fully translated into English, and the game graphics are 100% uncensored. The game makes use of Virtual-Mate, an on-line registration system that requires an Internet connection when the game is launched. Because of the Virtual-Mate system, which has reduced software piracy when employed in Japan, the game has been released at a special price of $39.95 (other similar titles are usually $49.95 list).

PCR Distributing has been distributing English-language hentai games since 1998 and is the primary company behind the growth of these games in the U.S. G-Collections is a popular licensor of Japanese dating-sim games since 2001.

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