A Lost Paradise Within Chaos

El Cerrito, CA – December 10, 2004Today, Infinity Studios LLC announces they will be publishing Hurrah! Sailor, a masterpiece of drama and comedy by Katsuwo Nakane, adapted from a video game by Rintaro Koike.

Sometimes in life, we have to stop what we're doing to ask ourselves, “why does such and such have to be like this?” The world of Katsuo Nakane's, Hurrah Sailor, deals with this question as Konika, Ichino, Mareta, Shoya, and Ensign Kurie find themselves stranded on a planet whose inhabitants have developed virtually no technology at all.

The Two United Empires and the Federation Kingdom have been at war for centuries and entire galaxies have been turned into war zones. With neither side ever achieving a decisive victory, the conflict has been dragging on so long that both sides have even forgotten the reason why the war originally started.

But now, for Konika of the Federation Kingdom, and the others from the United Empire, they must put aside their differences to find a way off the planet together. In the process they find that perhaps there are no differences between them and some of them begin to wonder if they wouldn't be better off not returning to the war.

Hurrah Sailor is based on a video game originally created by Rintaro Koike, and character designs by Kouichi Kiga.

Infinity Studios LLC is a new and upcoming publisher of Korean manhwa and Japanese manga. With the goal of becoming the premiere provider of best selling manhwas and mangas, Infinity Studios LLC strives to publish only the highest quality books.

Hurrah! Sailor # 1 will be available in May 2005. Each 210 page graphic novel will be priced at $9.95. Visit www.infinitystudioz.com for more detailed series information.

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