Critical Mass Video Announces Cool Devices 2 and Wicked Lessons

Pre-book date: 3/1/2005, Street date: 3/29/2005.
Approximately 70 minutes, Dolby Digital Stereo, Color.
Erotic Adventure

DVD (English/Japanese Audio, English Subtitles, English On-Screen Translations)
Catalog#: CMDVD6972
UPC#: 7-42617-6972-2-7 Suggested Rating: 18+
SRP: $29.95

COOL DEVICES, a series that redefined adult anime in the US and became one of the best selling hentai titles ever, has returned in a brand new DIGITALLY REMASTERED 10th Anniversary Edition! Now, for the very first time, this hentai masterpiece is FINALLY AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH!

Don't say we didn't warn you!

Enter a world where darkest desires and deepest hatreds are intertwined to create the most exquisite pleasure imaginable. KIREI: On a sleepy little island best friends Kirei and Rui are enjoying the sunshine, but their outrageous curves and scantily clad bodies have attracted the attention of a vicious gang of rapists.
Now, captive to the gang's every lustful desire, the two friends are about to discover just how hot the tropics can be... SEEK I & II: S&M Queen Saki loves nothing better than breaking in innocent women for her bondage master's pleasure.
Saki's latest target? A quiet and sexually inexperienced young lady named Marino Ohkura. Saki and her master will drag the unwilling Marino into the world of S&M through intensive training in obedience and erotic techniques. Meanwhile, Saki secretly pines for the exquisite torture she endured at her old master's hands.
Will anyone ever be able to satisfy her as he did?

Operation 04: Kirei
Operation 05: Seek I - Slave Girl Marino
Operation 06: Seek II - S&M Queen Saki

DVD Special Features:
Extensive Art Gallery, Cool Devices 3 Teaser Trailer
Critical Mass Trailers, Scene Access
2.0 Dolby Digital Audio with Regular and "Soft" Subtitles
for on-screen translations.

Pre-book date: 3/1/2005, Street date: 3/29/2005.
Approximately 60 minutes, Dolby Digital Stereo, Color.
Erotic Fantasy

DVD (English/Japanese Audio, English Subtitles, English On-Screen Translations)
Catalog#: CMDVD6949
UPC#: 7-42617-6949-2-9 Suggested Rating: 18+
SRP: $24.95

From the twisted depths of the Vanilla Series comes another hentai thrill ride!
Produced by Shiyuuta Biwajima and Chikara Nikki (CLASSROOM OF ATONEMENT,
PUNISHMENT) and with screenplay by Rokurouta Makabe (SLAVES TO PASSION,
PRIVATE SESSIONS), WICKED LESSONS mixes cold-blooded revenge with hot, sensual

Revenge never felt so good!

After Noelle's parents die suddenly in an accident, her older stepbrother Shuichi returns to take care of her – in ways she could never have imagined. Noelle is horrified when, on the very night of her parents' funeral, the stepbrother she remembered so fondly cruelly rapes her. Then, without explaining why, Shuichi forces Noelle to transfer to the prestigious Takamine College.

Each night as he ravishes her body, Shuichi pumps Noelle for information about the women on campus. Women like the curvaceously timid Haruko, the sexually talented Shirone, and the beautiful blond-haired bombshell Elena... Women who will be able
to satisfy his insatiable desires – and provide him with the information he needs
to avenge the death of his mother.

DVD Special Features:
Animated Art Gallery, Original US Wicked Lessons Trailer,
Critical Mass Video Trailers, Scene Access, Outtakes,
2.0 Dolby Digital Audio with Regular and "Soft" Subtitles for on-screen

Critical Mass Video Ltd. is one of the top adult Japanese Animation ("anime") labels in the US, with well known hardcore titles such as Cool Devices, Imma Youjo, Mail Order Maiden, and the Vanilla Series. In addition to its anime line, Critical Mass has also recently expanded into Japanese live action hits with the release of the Angel of Darkness Live Action Series. Check out Critical Mass Video on the web at:

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