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Original Mignola Hellboy story in horror anthology
Dark Horse Book of the Dead

Mike Mignola presents a Hellboy yarn combining Shakespeare and grave robbing in this follow-up to Dark Horse's Eisner-nominated Book of Hauntings and Book of Witchcraft. Also returning this volume are Jill Thompson, who won a 2004 Eisner for her painted work in Hauntings, and her collaborator Evan Dorkin, with another occult canine adventure. New additions for this volume include Goon creator Eric Powell, celebrated B.P.R.D. artist Guy Davis, and the artist who spent the last twenty years making superhero comics more scary—Kelley Jones. Cover artist Gary Gianni also returns, mixing prose with comics, with a rare tale by the man ultimately responsible for Dark Horse's biggest hit in years—Conan creator Robert E. Howard.

The Dark Horse Book of the Dead features the talents of Mike Mignola, Jill Thompson, Kelley Jones, Eric Powell, Gary Gianni, and more! It arrives on sale May 25, with a retail price of $14.95. Edited by Scott Allie.

ISBN: 1-59307-281-3

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Dark secrets unfold in Steve Nile's
Freaks Of The Heartland

Under the weathered skies of America's heartland, and in the wounded hearts of every family in one tiny rural town, a terrible secret has been kept for too many years. Now, a young boy named Trevor must try to keep his younger brother Will from falling victim to the worst fears of a troubled town that can't begin to understand the tragic secret that binds its families together. Some folks would call Trevor's brother a monster. But to Trevor, Will is just another kid trapped in a dark reality he can't comprehend. When the situation moves from bad to worse, and their father threatens to do away with Will, Trevor learns that they're not alone—that “freak” children were born to other families in Gristlewood Valley. And just as they were all born at the same time, it seems their sad, frustrated, and emotionally spent parents seem to be hatching a plan to see that they disappear at the same time. Against all odds, and with nothing but love for his brother in his heart, Trevor is going to do whatever he can to get Will—and the other freak children—out of harm's way, if it's not already too late. Collecting the six-issue miniseries.

Written by Steve Niles with art by Greg Ruth, the Freaks of the Heartland collection arrives on sale May 25, with a retail price of $17.95. Edited by Scott Allie.

ISBN: 1-59307-029-2

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Go Girl! Volume 2: Double Trouble

Oh nooooo! It looks like Lindsay Goldman—AKA GoGirl!—has robbed a bank! But that's impossible! The plucky teen superhero and her mom have been sitting at home all evening, watching television and minding their own business. But try telling that to the police, who show up at Lindsay's door with a warrant for her arrest! Now she has to stay out of jail and find out who's behind the nefarious scheme to destroy her good reputation. Hiding from the cops, and at the mercy of an unbeatable adversary, Lindsay finds herself in “Double Trouble”!

“...departs from contemporary comicdom's redundant repertoire of male power fantasies.”
—Carol Cooper, The Village Voice

Written by Trina Robbins with art by Anne Timmons, Go Girl! Volume2: Double Trouble arrives on sale May 4, with a retail price of $5.95. Edited by Chris Warner.

ISBN: 1-59307-335-6

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Superstars of manga Buronson and Kentaro Miura bring you King Of Wolves

A bright-spirited young historical scholar, Iba, disappears while on a lone expedition to study the ancient Silk Road. A year later his girlfriend, Kyoko, sets out for the Silk Road in order to find clues that will help to unravel the mystery of Iba's disappearance. When she arrives, she finds the charm she gave Iba for protection and moments later she is sucked into a black vortex and loses consciousness. Kyoko awakes to find herself in a very different place and discovers that Iba is not only alive but is a warrior-slave under the reign of Genghis Khan in 13th century Mongolia! At last, when Iba and Kyoko reunite, they find that there are a series of fates, crueler than the ones they have already endured, awaiting them...

King of Wolves features the talents of Buronson (Fist of the North Star) and Kentaro Miura (Berserk). It arrives on sale May 11 with a retail price of $12.95. Edited by Chris Warner.

ISBN: 1-59307-333-X

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