NEW Year, NEW MTAC, and NEW Website

Attention all Mtaku! MTAC Go (April 1st - 3rd, 2005) was a HUGE success! We set a new personal record with over 1,750 attendees gathering together in the heart of Nashville to celebrate anime fandom. Now we're in the middle of preparations for our NEXT event, MTAC 6th Period (April 21st - 23rd, 2006)!

To celebrate we've launched our new website available at We've also announced our first two guests for 6th period, vocalist/musician Lisa Furukawa Ray and groovy web comic, Scott Kurtz! Lisa stunned audiences at MTAC Go with her debut performance at an anime convention while Scott will be making his MTAC debut as well as being MTAC's first web comic guest at 6th Period.

Keep an eye on the MTAC website over the next few weeks as we announce our venue, special events, and other plans for 6th Period! We're still a year out but MTAC 6th Period is already shaping up to be an awesome event!

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