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EigoMANGA Ltd. has learned that according to the Comics Guaranty Corporation, the comic book value of EigoMANGA RUMBLE PAK Issues 1 and 2 experienced a sharp value rise since its initial release in February of 2004. RUMBLE PAK Issues 1 and 2 are currently valued at $24.75; the comic books were originally valued at $4.95.

"It's nice to know our comics are worth that much on an industry level." states Austin Osueke, CEO of EigoMANGA Ltd. and publisher of RUMBLE PAK. "It's not a new thing; comic book investing and collecting has been around for ages but I like the fact that the price for RUMBLE PAK Issues 1 and 2 climbed very high in such a short time when it takes other comic books years if not decades to reach that value price. This is truly extraordinary".

RUMBLE PAK, EigoMANGA's flagship publication, is a manga anthology comic book series created by American artists. The RUMBLE PAK comic book publication was released to comic book stores beginning in February of 2004 and later re-released to chain retail bookstores on October of 2004. Despite experiencing industry acclaim and fanfare (which includes being featured in a four-month exhibition at the San Jose Art Museum), it is still unknown what caused the sharp increase in value for RUMBLE PAK Issues 1 and 2.

"I have no idea," claims Osueke. "I think in RUMBLE PAK's case, people were into the comic book series and also it's very scarce to find Issues 1 and 2 of RUMBLE PAK anywhere nowadays. We literally can't print or release them anymore even if we wanted to".

"I never thought of RUMBLE PAK as a collector's item, but the fans value it and that's a great feeling. I remember some comic book fan in his late 30's carrying a copy of RUMBLE PAK Issue 1 and telling his son it could be a collector's item one day, it was very touching at that moment. And wow, he was right"!

RUMBLE PAK Issue #1 is currently sold out and out of print but the comic is accessible online from EigoMANGA's website at www.EigoMANGA.com.

About EigoMANGA Ltd.

Founded in August 2000, EigoMANGA Ltd. is an independent media and publishing company committed to developing, producing and marketing original American "manga," or Japanese-influenced comic books and graphic novels. EigoMANGA Ltd's integrated media offerings include anime-themed television programming and anime-themed live events.


About Comics Guaranty Corporation

Introduced in January 2000, CGC is the first and only certification and grading service for comic books. Designed to fill the need for an impartial, expert opinion for the entire comic book industry, CGC provides grading opinions, restoration detection, and pedigree attribution. The initial focus of CGC certification has been on the U.S. market for comic books, covering books listed in the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide.


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