JAST USA Licenses Yin-Yang


San Diego, CA, Saturday, June 25, 2005 - JAST USA, the leading licensor and distributor of adult English-language dating-sim games for PCs, announced that it had licensed Yin-Yang! -Another X-Change- for release in the English dating-sim game market.

Yin-Yang! is a new interactive dating-sim game in the popular X- Change series by Japanese game maker Crowd, in which the player plays a male character who gets changed into a female due to a chemistry accident. As a girl, the player has many adventures, and is usually the center of attention by all the male characters, who want to get
to know the girl who used to be a boy. Can poor Kaoru find a way to change back into a boy? Various game endings featuer both male and female endings, with sex possible with every character (including hermaphrodite paths, popular with hentai game fans). With a completely new staff of artists and scenario writers, the game features a rich world of both male and female characters for players to interact with.

The game, which will be distributed on DVD-ROM for Windows computers, is currently being ported by JAST USA and Peach Princess. With the popularity of the original X-Change, X-Change 2 and X-Change 3 (which is beta testing for release in English soon), many fans have expressed their interest in this new game from Crowd.

JAST USA and Peach Princess have been licensing and distributing English-language bishoujo games since 1998. Crowd is a popular Japanese bishoujo game company based in Hokkaido, Japan, whose games include the X-Change series, Tokimeki Check in! and Brave Soul, a full-featured scrolling fantasy RPG for adults.

Distribution information available through PCR Distributing Co.
Dealer inquiries welcome.

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