Yamato Now Shipping Lovely Ladies from G-taste, Ikki Tousen, and Darkstalkers


Lovely Ladies from G-taste, Ikki Tousen, and Darkstalkers

Torrance, CA, July 5th, 2005 – From leather-clad dominatrices, to kick-ass school girls, to a pair of sexy succubi, Yamato has the perfect girl for you. It's like matchmaking, but so much better!

SIF EX: G-taste, Vol. 2 PVC Statue Collection

In stores now, the second volume of Yamato's popular series of 7” scale PVC statues celebrating the alluring women of Hiroki Yagami's provocative manga / anime, G-taste. Featured are Mayu Hoshino, Kyoko Hachioji, and Ren Hasumi, each sold separately. As with the first series, this second series has been a quick sell-out! If you missed out on either of the first two series, don't miss out on the third! Retailer pre-orders are now being accepted by Yamato USA and its distribution partners.

SIF EX: Ikki Tousen PVC Statue Collection

Get ready to rumble with three of the sexiest reincarnations of 1,800 year old Chinese warriors you will ever cross paths with. Inspired by Geneon / TokyoPop's "fan service" anime / manga hit Ikki Tousen (aka Battle Vixens), these pre-posed PVC statues of Sonsaku Hakufu, Ryomou Shimei, and Kanu Unchou perfectly capture the enormous talents of these lovely ladies. Varying in height from 6” – 8.5”, each comes packaged in a window box with display base. Items sold separately.

CFC: DarksStalkers – Morrigan & Lilith Miniature Trading Figures

Continuing with last year's highly successful Capcom Figure Collection: Street Fighter II - Chun-Li and Cammy, Yamato is pleased to place the spotlight on DarkStalkers' Queen of Vampires, Morrigan, and her lil' sibling (of sorts), Lilith. As before, this six piece assortment features a pair of figures fashioned by three of the leading Japanese “garage kit” artists. Standing at approximately 5” in height and sealed in a blister card, these beautiful ladies are sure to sweep their way into your heart and leave you hungry for more. Now available at Suncoast and other fine pop culture retailers!

For a complete listing of retailers carrying these and other fine Yamato products, please visit the Yamato USA website at www.YamatoToysUSA.com


Yamato USA is the wholly owned subsidiary of Yamato Co., Ltd with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. For over six years, Yamato USA has proudly served the North and South American hobby/collector markets with a wide offering of miniature collectible figures, PVC and die-cast action figures, as well as poly-resin and PVC statues inspired by the hottest titles in Japanese anime, manga, and video game properties. Featured properties include Masamune Shirow's Koukaku-Kidoutai (a.k.a. Ghost in the Shell), Appleseed, and Intron Depot; Yasuhiro Nightow's Trigun, Nobuhiro Watsuki's Rurouni Kenshin (aka Samurai X), Kentaro Miura's Berserk, and Katsuhiro Otomo's Akira.

Contact Yamato USA at: 2771 Plaza Del Amo, Suite 809, Torrance, CA 90503

web site: www.YamatoToysUSA.com

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