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23 July, 2004: Three weeks after the fact, the hyper-efficient Go! Comi publicity machine has finally gotten around to announcing what most fans and press already knew: that the official Go!Comi website went live on July 1st, exactly on schedule.

When asked about the delay of the press release, Go!'s CEO, David Wise, explained: "First, I wanted us to stay clear of the July Fourth weekend and all the announcements coming out of Anime Expo. The second week, I wanted to wait until all of the Flash movies promoting our series were online. Then my astrologer told me that mid-July was an inauspicious time for making public announcements, so I stayed in my room all week. By now I was thinking maybe we shouldn't announce the site at all, since having an elite website only a few fans knew about might give Go!Comi the air of respectability we so desperately crave. But everyone else in the company threatened to quit, so here it is."

The website features information on Go!'s first four series: "Cantarella" by You Higuri, "Her Majesty's Dog" by Mick Takeuchi, "Crossroad" by Shioko Mizuki, and "Tenshi Ja Nai!! (I'm No Angel!)" by Takako Shigematsu, with character descriptions, background on the manga artists, and information on the first volumes.

In addition, the site features polls and contests. To celebrate the upcoming publication of "Cantarella," Go! will give away five autographed volumes of the original Japanese manga over the next five months – each personally signed by the series' creator, You Higuri. Contestants can enter daily on the website. The first contest, for an autographed Volume 1 of "Cantarella," ends July 31st. The volume 2 giveway starts the next day.

Perhaps the most unique element of the site is the personal blogs of Editorial Director Jake Forbes and Creative Director Audry Taylor. "Not only will the blogs keep the fans up-to-date on the daily doings at Go!, but we also intend to pull the curtain back on the process of publishing manga," said Forbes. "We want to involve fans in an intimate way with our series and our methods of working." Added Taylor: "As we begin developing our original series, the blogs will give our readers first-hand access to the creative process." Currently, Taylor is running excerpts in her blog from the Go! Comi panel she hosted at Anime Expo, "Stop Imitating Manga and Become a Pro."

The website will shortly start adding 15-page previews of Go!'s series. The first manga preview will be online the in early August, with the remainder of the series to be added in the following weeks.

CEO Wise concluded by noting, "The Go! Comi website offers a variety of experiences unlike any other publisher's site. It's all part of our mission to involve fans more deeply in the total manga experience…with a three-week time lag."


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