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Chicago, IL – Japanese animation film distributor Manga Entertainment proudly presents three of the most influential anime films of all time formatted for viewing on the Portable Sony Play Station player. These UMD versions of Ghost in the Shell, Ninja Scroll and Blood: The Last Vampire were simultaneously released in the USA, Canada and UK on August 23, 2005 by Anchor Bay Entertainment.

“All you need to know is you should have this [Ghost in the Shell] disc in your collection.” – Official U.S. Playstation

Based on the original manga by Masamune Shirow, Director Mamoru Oshii's original anime feature film Ghost in the Shell first took the world by storm by introducing audiences to a new wave of Japanese animation. Employing mesmerizing cinematic _expression and seamlessly merging traditional cel animation with the latest computer graphic imagery, this stunning sci-fi spectacle broke through the boundaries of mainstream animation with its detailed artistic direction and uniquely intelligent story line and was a primary conceptual influence for Hollywood directors the Wachowski Brothers in the development of The Matrix films.

“[Ninja Scroll is] One of the Top 10 Anime Films Ever Made.” - Entertainment Weekly

Set in Japan's turbulent feudal past, Ninja Scroll transports viewers to a time of danger, intrigue and deception in which Jubei, a masterless wandering swordsman undertakes a desperate quest to find The Shogun of the Dark - an evil autocrat who plans to overthrow Japan's Tokugawa government. But in order to stop him, Jubei must first defeat “The 8 Devils of Kimon” - the Shogun's fearsome force of demonic henchmen, each possessed of awesome superhuman powers. Joined on his journey by the beautiful and deadly female ninja Kagero, together they must defeat the dominion that rule in terror and restore order to the land. Amazing, beautiful and mysterious, Ninja Scroll is a tale that combines the mysticism of 17th century Japan with an all out action adventure. Produced by acclaimed MADHOUSE animation studio (Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, Perfect Blue, Spawn), Ninja Scroll features a wicked cast of characters, extraordinary fight scenes and an intense story line.

“Saya makes Buffy look like a bed-wetting Girl Scout” – SPIN

As Japan's first fully digital animated feature film, Blood: The Last Vampire is unlike any anime features of the past. Painstakingly produced by the visionary animators at Japan's Production I.G Studios (Ghost in the Shell, Kill Bill Vol. 1, Dead Leaves), the project was conceived in cooperation with legendary anime Director Mamoru Oshii (Ghost in the Shell, Patlabor – The Movie, Patlabor 2). Set in the Fall of 1966,

Blood: The Last Vampire takes place at Japan's Yokota Air Force Base where tensions run high as the U.S. military machine mobilizes for action in Vietnam. But the escalating international conflict is not the only crisis troubling the base. A series of inexplicable suicides off-base has drawn the attention of the “organization” - a covert team of special government agents committed to the elimination of Chiropterans – shape-changing horrors who feed on human blood. In the guise of a schoolgirl, Saya – the last remaining original pureblood vampire, must infiltrate the base's school, uncover the origin of the plague, and eliminate the ghastly threat before time runs out.

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Manga Entertainment is an Anchor Bay Entertainment Company. Anchor Bay Entertainment is an established leader in the field of home entertainment. The company offers an expansive selection of award-winning, notable theatrical films including “Time Bandits” and “Halloween,” classic television programming such as “3rd Rock from the Sun,” “Three's Company,” “Highlander” and much of the Stephen J. Cannell library, traditional children's fare featuring the ever-popular Thomas & Friends collection and Mister Rogers Neighborhood, the impressive Manga anime line and chart-topping fitness titles including the "Crunch" and "For Dummies" series. Anchor Bay Entertainment is aggressively developing a wide range of original programs and concepts in addition to licensing existing brands and films.

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