HOUSTON, September 16, 2005—ADV Films, the number one producer-distributor of anime in North America, is pleased to announce three exciting new titles set to hit the streets on November 1, including the tenth and final volume of Get Backers and brand new DVD thin-pack collections of Chrono Crusade and Kaleido Star.

CHRONO CRUSADE Complete Collection

The Habit-Forming Series Now Available In a Single DVD Collection

She's the nun-with-a-gun who captured America's heart and never let go. He's the demon sidekick that's devoted to her. Together they've made Chrono Crusade one of the most popular action series of the year, and on November 1 fans everywhere can exorcise their good taste by picking up the smart new DVD thin-pack Chrono Crusade Complete Collection.

Chrono Crusade is based on the original manga series by Daisuke Moriyama, a best-seller published here in the States by ADV Manga. Directed by Yuu Kou and produced by the famous GONZO Digimation (Full Metal Panic!), Chrono Crusade's holy heroes are elite exorcists sworn to stop a steady onslaught of demons crossing over into the human world of America in the 1920s. Chrono Crusade is “an outstanding series and embodies just about anything and everything that any anime fan could ever hope to have in a single show" (Underland Online). The series recently began airing on Showtime, where it will be broadcast in its entirety.

Synopsis: The year is 1928. Jazz is hot, bootleg liquor is king and the idle rich of a nation have discovered a horrifying new past-time: summoning demons! To combat this growing threat, a new order of Holy Warriors has arisen. This is the story of Sister Rosette, an elite Exorcist in the Order of Magdalene, whose soul has been bound by alchemy to that of the devil Chrono. Armed with Sacred ammo, they form an unstoppable team, ready to wage war at a moments notice… because when the gates of Hell are opened, someone's got to put the devils back!

Chrono Crusade Complete Collection (SRP $89.98 DVD) is a DVD thin-pack release including all 24 episodes of the series, presented in both English 5.1 and Japanese 2.0 with English subtitles.

The Hit Anime Is Also A Best-Selling Manga Series!

ADV Manga publishes the American edition of the ongoing Chrono Crusade manga series, a perennial Top 10 graphic novel. Six volumes have been published to date, including the most recent in August 2005. For more details, visit

DVD Product Details

Running Time: 600 minutes
Age Rating: TV 14 (V)

UPC: 702727131820

Pre-Book Date: 10/4/2005
Street Date: 11/1/2005

Format: DVD

SRP: $89.98

Product specifications and content configuration subject to change.


Tenth and Final Volume in the DVD Series

ADV Films is pleased to announce the tenth and final volume in the Get Backers saga, Get Back to the Future, hitting store shelves November 1. The hit action-comedy series, based on the popular manga by the same name, is one of the hottest anime series of the year, and this new DVD more than lives up to the hype!

Get Backers, animated by the famous Studio Deen (King of Bandit Jing), is the story of Ginji Amano and Ban Midou, two chronically broke but supernaturally empowered youths who run a “recovery service.” Their motto? “If it was taken, get it back.”

Synopsis: Himiko's down for the count…Emishi's out of commission… and Shido's not even conscious. The Get Backers have lost nearly half of their team. They've searched every back alley of Lower Town and they're still no closer to finding Makubex than they were when they started. Where can they possibly go from here? How about up! Break into the Beltline with the Get Backers as their drive through the Limitless Fortress rushes toward its conclusion! Kanou tries to bludgeon Ban with his deadly fans, while Kaoru's passion for Ginji explodes into fiery rage. Meanwhile, Uryuu and Juubei face off in a furious battle over an old grudge. Ban and Akabane pair off for a savage showdown. And to save one old friend, Ginji must face another in a final fight between light and lightning. Can the Get Backers defeat the gods of the Limitless Fortress once and for all? Find out in the all-out, action-packed final volume of Get Backers!

Get Backers: Get Back the Future (SRP $29.98 DVD) is a DVD-only anamorphic release including episodes 46-49 of the series, presented in both English 5.1 and Japanese 2.0 with English subtitles. Video extras include “The Names of Get Backers” and a cast commentary, plus clean opening animation, clean closing animation, and previews of upcoming ADV Films releases.

Collectors Editions Still Available!

Two Get Backers Collectors Boxes are still available. The first special collectors edition contains the first volume of Get Backers in a stunning custom series box designed to hold the first five volumes; the second collectors box contains volume six, features all-new artwork, and is designed to hold volumes six through ten. Both collectors boxes have a suggested retail price of $39.98.

DVD Product Details

Volume: 10 of 10

Running Time: 100 minutes
Age Rating: 15+

UPC: 702727079825

Pre-Book Date: 10/4/2005
Street Date: 11/1/2005

Format: DVD

SRP: $29.98

Product specifications and content configuration subject to change.

KALEIDO STAR Amazing Collection

"...Kaleido Star is something you can fall in love with." – Anime Advanced

ADV Films is proud to present Kaleido Star Amazing Collection, a DVD thin-pack compilation including all 26 episodes of the fan-favorite series, for the suggested retail price of just $49.98. This affordable new collection is available everywhere anime is sold November 1.

Directed by Junichi Sato (Princess Tutu, Sailor Moon, Magic Users Club), Kaleido Star is a charming animated series aimed at tweens and teens, combining playful elements of children's anime with the sophisticated vision of Cirque du Soleil. Kaleido Star combines a sense of fun and play—such a crucial element of Sailor Moon—with a believably positive storyline that emphasizes empowerment through bravery and determination.

Synopsis: When Sora leaves Japan to join the circus family of the Kaleido Stage it seems like her life long dream is finally coming true. But Sora soon finds out the being a star involves more than gymnastics. First she must get past the circus rivalries that could shatter her dreams, and rigorous training for death defying shows! Along the way she finds friends, family and romance and a home away from home at the Kaleido Stage. Get ready to feast your eyes on the dazzling costumes, the high flying extravagance, and the unrivaled glamour of the Kaleido Stage!

Kaleido Star Amazing Collection (SRP $49.98 DVD) is a DVD thin-pack compilation including all 26 episodes of the original series, presented in both English 5.1 and Japanese 2.0 with English subtitles.

DVD Product Details

Running Time: 650 minutes
Age Rating: TV PG

UPC: 702727143021

Pre-Book Date: 10/4/2005
Street Date: 11/1/2005

Format: DVD

SRP: $49.98

Product specifications and content configuration subject to change.

About ADV Films:

In the 13 years since its inception, ADV Films has become the #1 producer-distributor of Japanese animation (“anime”) for the North American market and has also developed a leadership position in the UK. With best-selling titles such as Neon Genesis Evangelion, RahXephon, Robotech, Full Metal Panic, Hello Kitty and Azumanga Daioh, ADV Films' extensive catalog is fueling the popularity of anime around the globe. Always on the forefront, ADV is introducing North America to bold new anime franchises such as Gantz, Elfen Lied, Chrono Crusade, Peacemaker and DNAngel. ADV Films' library also includes popular live-action science fiction programs such as The Jim Henson Company's Farscape, the nationally syndicated Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda and the Saturn Award-nominated Mutant X. In 2005 ADV Films was voted “Best Anime Company” in the SPJA awards, presented at Anime Expo, North America's largest anime convention.

Parent company, A.D. Vision, Inc., encompasses a multitude of complementary media divisions, spanning publishing, television, licensing and merchandising and continues to expand into new areas. Its Anime Network™ is America's first and only television network dedicated to bringing anime and anime-related programming to consumers nationwide via digital cable 24 hours a day. The company has two publishing arms: Newtype USA, the premier anime and manga monthly magazine, and ADV Manga™, dedicated to publishing graphic novels. Headquartered in Houston, the company has offices in Europe and Japan. For more information, visit

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