Gonzo's Solty Rei Supports Akihabara Tour

Together with Akihabara Nishiguchi Shopping Street
Promotion Association and Nippon Travel Agency,
GONZO to hold "Akiba Shoshinsha Q-sai Tour"

GONZO's TV animation Solty Rei supports tour
GDH K.K ("GDH"; HQ: Tokyo; President: Shinichiro Ishikawa) announced today that, in cooperation with Nippon Travel Agency Co., Ltd. (HQ: Tokyo; President: Akira Kanai) and Akihabara Nishiguchi Shopping Street Promotion Association (Offices: Tokyo; Director: Shusuke Yamamoto), using an original Solty Rei animation created by group company GONZO K.K. ("GONZO"; HQ: Tokyo; President: Koji Kajita), GDH will hold an event called the Akiba Shoshinsha Q-sai Tour.

The Akiba Shoshinsha Q-sai Tour is intended for people who are interested in hot spot Akihabara but do not know where the things are and is one day event to introduce Akihabara. Since the character that appears in Solty Rei is used as an image character for the Akihabara Nishiguchi Shopping Street Promotion Association, GONZO and the association are collaborating under the umbrella of an Akihabara area vitalization project called the MOTTO AKIBA PROJECT and Nippon Travel Agency will plan and execute the tour. In this tour, GONZO shows a Solty Rei preview and allows people to visit the GONZO production studio, which is not usually open to the public. This is the first package tour in Akihabara area fully backed by the Akihabara Nishiguchi Shopping Street Promotion Association.

GDH will proactively promote GONZO animations and provide services to GONZO animation fans to energize the animation market.

For details about Akiba Shoshinsha Q-sai Tour and how to participate, contact Nippon Travel Agency at:

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Solty Rei is a mechanical beauty involved in the ultimate mid-century SF action!

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In a ruined future city, innocent mechanical girl Solty makes a living as a bounty hunter with a man who plays a fake family. She makes friends, develops rivals and meets people who treat her like family. Solty, who starts with nothing, learns important lessons from a variety of people, including the meaning of living, what it means to live with someone and the pain of fighting to protect oneself. Her experiences make her to grow increasingly like human being but at the same time she must faces the reality that she is not a human. When the mystery of Solty is unveiled, the swirl of a great dark plot draws in Solty and those around her.

[ About GDH K.K ]
GDH (Security code: TSE Mothers 3755) is a global Japanese company founded in February 2000 specializing in GONZO brand animations created by its group companies. GDH controls the overall business management strategies of its group companies, including title licensing management and overseas sales. GDH is a leader in content development that actively promotes both domestic and global reach in Japan's animation culture, which is well-known worldwide. For additional information, visit www.gdh.co.jp. For information about GONZO titles, visit http://www.gonzo.co.jp/index.html.
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