DramaQueen Announces Two New Titles


Houston, Texas. 28th November 2005. DramaQueen is pleased to announce that we have acquired two new licenses for publication in early 2006:

Empty Heart by Minase Masara

Synopsis: High school teacher Jun Usami is having an affair with one of his student, Takumi Kajiwara, who also happens to be the younger brother of Jun's high school crush. The affair began with Takumi-kun offering himself as a substitute for his older brother – but does Jun really only think of Takumi as a substitute?

Rating: Adult 18+. Some explicit graphic content.

Lovely Sick by Shoko Ohmine

Volumes: 1, 2 & continuing.

Synopsis: A lover's possessiveness can make the beloved feel extra special. For high school student Naoyuki Akiyoshi, that special brand of loving is given 24/7 by Ryouichi Sumi, who is not only his lover, but is also his primary doctor and legal guardian. As Naoyuki matures under Sumi sensei's care, he begins to push against the lover's boundaries that Sumi sensei has created. Sometimes, change can lead to a deeper bond… and a new beginning.

Rating: Adult 18+. Some explicit graphic content.

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