852-Page Guide to Drawing Anime Published by Blogging Community

852-Page Guide to Drawing Anime Published By Internet's Largest Anime Blogging Community

myOtaku.com, the Internet's largest anime blogging community, has release an innovative step-by-step book to drawing anime. This represents a new kind of publishing, where members both demanded and helped create their own published content.

New York, NY (PRWEB) November 30, 2005 -- myOtaku.com, the Internet's largest anime blogging community, has announced the release of Art of Otaku.

Art of Otaku is a digital step-by-step guide to drawing anime. It was co-authored by eight of myOtaku.com's top anime fan artists. It differs from traditional books in a number of important ways:

* Length: Art of Otaku spans 852 full-color pages. This is 500-600% longer than the traditional paper-bound anime art book.

* Variety: Art of Otaku features the works of 8 of myOtaku.com's top fan artists. Each artist has her own style, so the reader gets broad exposure to different ways of drawing anime. This helps the reader develop their own art style.

* Step-By-Step: Art of Otaku uses a unique step-by-step approach to teaching the reader how to draw anime. Many other guides will expect readers to draw a complex character in only a few steps. Our artists were given strict instructions to use as many steps as humanly possible.

* Tools Covered: Art of Otaku is one of the only anime drawing guides on the market to feature both traditional and next-generation art tools, including pencil, pen, watercolor, and PhotoShop.

* Peer Created: Rather than learning from professionals, readers learn from well-ranked peers. This creates a more comfortable and down-to-earth learning environment. No complicated jargon or ridiculous expectations.

“Art of Otaku is very much a bottom-up, underground publication. It was created on a budget of nothing and almost all of our sales have been to members of our own community,” says James Burns, chief designer of the book. “It's a new approach to publishing. Our community wanted it, members stepped up to write it, and now it's out and sales have been brisk.”

For more information on Art of Otaku or for a review copy, please visit http://www.artofotaku.com

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