Infinity Studios Licenses Sweety

Richmond, CA – December 26th, 2005 Today, Infinity Studios LLC is proud to announce that it has acquired the rights for Sweety; art by Ju-Ri Kim, and story by Jae-Sung Park.

How do you distinguish between the love from a cute neighborhood girl (who's like a little sister to you), and the love from the hottest, yet quirky, girl in school? This is exactly the question Myung-Ho has to ponder when both his neighbor's cute little daughter, Ji-Hae, and his school's most popular diva, Yu-Ri, make him their valentines. Of course he cares for Ji-Hae, because the poor girl's already been through so much for someone her age, but still, she's only just a kid. Then there's Yu-Ri, the girl of his dreams… or rather, she would be if she wasn't a fortune-telling voodoo witch doctor. Oh and yes, it would also help if her father, the local gangster boss, wasn't out to kill him.

When you're as lucky as Myung-Ho is(?) choices are very hard to make. On one hand, he could go out with Yu-Ri by turning down Ji-Hae, breaking the heart of a child who's been depending on him ever since she moved in next door. Or, he could choose Ji-Hae by turning down the only chance at romance with a beautiful girl dead set on making him her destined love. Choices, choices…

Each volume will feature a stunning eye-catching dust jacket (slip cover) and bonus items such as collectable postcards. And as always, each volume will grace color pages along with Infinity Studios LLC's high quality, white woodfree paper (environmentally friendly).

Please don't forget to check out this title before its release date on our website in our flipbooks page. ( Each weekly update will allow visitors to view approximately 10 new pages per week. Also, visitors will be able to download Sweety wallpapers along with bonus items from our other great titles on our downloads page (

Sweety # 1 will be available in late April 2006. Each 200 page graphic novel will be priced at $9.95.

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