DramaQueen L.L.C. Announces New Titles and July release line-up

Houston, TX- June 08, 2006 - Celebrating the start of summer with a
little bit of drama… presenting Yuuya sensei's theatrical romance,
Worthless Love, currently three volumes and continuing. Yuuya sensei has been
one of our favourite mangakas, so this opportunity to publish her
newest series and share it with everyone makes us very happy-we are truly

First volume of Worthless Love is expected in autumn 2006.

Also the line up for July's Release:

Girl Comics:

1) Audition v01

2) DVD v01

3) Vision v02

Boys' Love & Yaoi:

1) Challengers v02

2) Lovely Sick v01

3) The Judged

And in case you missed out the May license announcements, DramaQueen is
happy to announce three titles that will sweep you off your feet. The
first two titles come from the wonderful duo team of DUO BRAND. (yes –
sensei has the period after their name), White Guardian, and Crimson
Wind, both comprising the Landa Series. The third title is The Tyrant
Falls in Love, the much anticipated sequel to Challengers, by Hinako

The DQ team has an incentive to bring out these great titles… to put it
simply-we want to read them too!! As always, we thank you for all your
support and enthusiasm.

ABOUT DRAMAQUEEN: DramaQueen, L.L.C. is a new publisher founded by
manga fans from both the United States and Europe. DramaQueen aims to
release high quality manga to the American and European market, targeted
mainly to the mature female audience. More informations on our curent and
upcoming releases are available at the DramaQueen

DramaQueen L.L.C.

URL: http://www.onedramaqueen.com

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