Maid Café Collection Plus 2

(Cure Maid Café & Café Mailish) – 8 ½” PVC Figures

Organic Hobby, Inc. introduces its new figures for the U.S. market, two cute servants “Cure Maid Café & Café Mailish.”

"Maid Café Collection Plus 2" is based on real servants' costumes from some of the very famous Café and Restaurants (Mia-Café, Café-Pelerinage, Café-Primavera, E-Meid, etc...) in Japan. "Maid Café Collection Plus 2" introduces two cute "servants" figures; “Cure Maid Café” and “Café Mailish” in their gothic costume party. Each PVC figure is 8 ½" high and comes equipped with a custom base for display.

"Maid Café Collection Plus 2 (Cure Maid Café & Café Mailish)" is guaranteed to provide you the best service wherever you decide to display them.

"Maid Café Collection Plus 2 (Cure Maid Café & Café Mailish)" will be available in September.

Organic Hobby is one of the largest Hobby and Toys makers/manufacturers in Japan and is also very popular for its specialty in "Anime & Manga" industry. Organic Hobby, Inc (U.S Office) is introducing these and other unique products based on J-POP culture to U.S. markets and customers. All of our company's product can be found throughout our official distributors such as AAA Anime, Diamond, Double Dragon, Entertainment Earth, KillerToys, Yes Anime, etc...

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