Go! Comi Announces Four New Manga Titles


Manga publisher Go! Comi announced three new series and one standalone title at their panel this weekend at New York Comic Con. The titles are evenly split between shojo and shonen titles, and include the latest from the creator of “Those Who Hunt Elves”:

“LOVE MASTER A” is a series that tells the story of a girl whose inability to get a date causes her to transform the student council into a dating service.

“KANNA” tells the story of a highschooler who wakes up one morning to find himself saddled with an adorable little girl who keeps referring to him as “Daddy!” Turns out she is his daughter in an alternate dimension, and she needs him to rescue her from the horde of monsters pursuing her across time and space.

“KING OF THE LAMP” is a one-shot by Takako Shigematsu, creator of Go! Comi's popular shojo series “Tenshi Ja Nai!!” It's about a playboy whose wanton ways cause him to be sealed as a genie in a lamp. His only hope of freedom is to suppress his womanizing tendencies long enough to find the perfect mates for one thousand women!

“HIKKATSU” is the story of a young man whose martial art enables him to fix appliances in a single punch -- which makes him humanity's best hope when every appliance on the planet goes haywire! This series is by Yu Yagami, the creator of “Those Who Hunt Elves.”

The series are all scheduled to start publication in Fall of 2007.

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