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Weren't able to get your copy of the NINJA NONSENSE Art Box & Goodies the last time? You're in luck. (But hurry!)

We heard your requests for more, and we're working on it: We have additional materials being manufactured and on the way, which allows us to offer a limited quantity of this item for a second time.

For a VERY limited time, you can get the following limited-edition items that are included with the Ninja Nonsense Complete DVD Collection L.E.:

The Ninja Nonsense art box that is designed to house all four volumes of the series you already have!
An exclusive mini-manga by series creator Ryoichi Koga.
An Onsokumaru squeeze toy.
Shinobu's headband!

Very important: Orders will be shipped, in the order they were received, as the materials arrive in our warehouse.* Please be advised that it may take a minimum of 4-6 weeks to fulfill orders for the item, but if you get your order in, we will make sure you get it!

* This applies if you ordered during the first round, too.

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